Roster of Aviation Cadet Class 43-11

(The following list is my attempt to establish a repository of information regarding the men who comprised Aviation Cadet Class 43-11, and graduated with my Grandfather. I have attempted to find out what became of these gentlemen, and have used every method of research available to me. In some cases I have contacted children, grand-children, and/or next-of-kin to determine whether or not my references are correct. In other cases, I used the internet,, etc. in combination with the uniqueness of a name to arrive at results. Please contact me regarding any information, errors, corrections or additions relating to this roster.)


Michael Howard Bartow (39107524) (Oakland, CA) (Bartow & Crew), Mike Anthony Blandino (34155366) (Shreveport, LA)

Michael Albert Boehm(O-688576) (Youngstown, OH), Owen James Brady (12124550) (New York, NY) (Obituary)

Robert Paul Burkhartsmeier (16070722) (Chicago, IL) (Shot Down), George (none) Cahelo, Jr. (32164883) (Bronx, NY) (Crew)

Otto (none) Ciavardoni (12138346) (Schenectady, NY) (Obituary), Julian Ira Columbus (20382386) (Henderson, VA)

Loring Melville Connett (15130939) (Athens, OH), William Leonard Crosson (13151529), William Sharp Duncan (39238185) (Los Angeles, CA)

George Milton Durrett (14101492) (West Point, MS), Gerard William Fairbrother (32548186) (Atlanta, NY)

Pentecost Fletcher Gifford (35355428) (Russiaville, IN), Joseph Francis Grace (12182595) (White Plains, NY)

Gilbert George Groetsch (18137688) (New Orleans, LA), Dale Earl Groves (6274723) (Des Moines, IA)

Thomas Warren Harper (20906872) (Woodland, CA), Siegel Landis Hawkins (15171391) (New Martinsville, WV)

Robert Glen Hecker (35514539) (Niles, OH), Homer Melvin Howard (38025484) (Austin, TX)

Harold (none) Johnson (36606275) (Fox Lake, IL), Alphonse (none) Kozuch (31049156) (Meriden, CT) (Obituary)

Theodore Joseph Krol (35258973) (Hammond, IN), (Crew) Andrew John Lazar (36128423) (Detroit, MI) (Crew)

Henry Ronald Legowski (12162975) (Jersey City, NJ) - 306th BG, 376th BS, TAPS 1982, John David Logan (17024781) (Rawlins, WY) (Crash)

Howard Walter Madsen (13114190) (Darby, PA), Frank Linton Mago (32212673) (Notonawanda, NY) (Obituary)

Isidore (none) Markowitz (12041921) (New York, NY) (Crew), Earl Leon Mercer (37228555) (Augusta, KS)

William Charles Melillo (35007010) (Niles, OH), Thomas William Minter (36348264) (Chicago, IL) (Crew)

John Lindsay Moore, Jr. (19185739) (Oakland, CA) , Edmond Hay Moreau (11095549) (Moosup, CT) - 94th BG, 332nd BS, (Ship)

Howard Stacy Mullica (17119476) (Ames, IA), Frederic Thomas Neel, Jr. (20816611) (Menard, TX) (Crew)

Lyle Milton Nelson (39185587) (Zahl, ND), (Crew), (Personal Photos), Edward James Neville (16089711) (Milwaukee, WI) (Crew - Right, Front)

Raymond Robert Newmark 12142431) (New York, NY), (Crew) Alfred Louis Nicoud (16089722) (Milwaukee, WI) (Crew1) (Crew2)

Joseph Gerard O'Hara (12120190) (Bronx, NY), Roger S. (i.o.) Plummer (18123799) (Sulphur Springs, TX)

William Henry Raffle (6851779) (Uniontown, PA), Norman Louis Rasmussen (33068228) (Indian Head, MD)

Arthur Joseph Rubenstein (12087953) (Brooklyn, NY), Leon Basil Slobodzian (20313888) (Phoenixville, PA) (Survived The War), (Crew)

Vernon John Tipton (19073514) (Springville, UT) (Crew), Edmond John Tymczyszyn (12207455) (Buffalo, NY) (Mission #52, 5 Aug 44)

Joseph Aloysius Vincent (32264354) (Bridgeton, NJ), Anthony Francis Wagner (16084022) (Detroit, MI)

Homer Devore Wilson (12130509) (Arcade, NY), Carl John Wiskirchen (36026067) (Quincy, IL)

(The following is an additional roster of men taken from Aviation Cadet Class 43-11 Yearbook "The Shack". These men are not listed on my Grandfather's copy of the Faculty Board's recommendations. Hometowns, as listed, are per the Yearbook. Spelling is from the Yearbook.)

Julius A. Altvater (Packanack Lake, NJ) (Author), Harry R. Amar (Rockland Lake, NY) POW Stalag Luft 1, North 2 Barracks 9, Room 3

Roy E. Anderson (Minneapolis, MN), Robert T. Ash (Cornell, WI), Edward M. Bailey (George West, TX) Crew

Francis L. Barr (Carnegie, PA), Lester Bise (Chicago, IL) (Crew), Fred J. Bittner (Jamaica, NY) Obituary, Richard J. Brady (New Haven, CT)

Leo F. Clinch (Greeley, NE), Thomas P. Cottle (Albany, GA), John J. Cioffi, Jr. (Brooklyn, NY), Arthur M. Cromarty, Elvin E. Crow (Sudan, TX)

Viscent (sic) N. Crupi (Reading, PA) (KIA), (MACR), Edward A. Czyzowski (Providence, RI), Douglas L. Dauphin (Detroit, MI), (Accident Report)

Arthur C. Delclisur (Brooklyn, NY) (Crew), Final Mission, Paul M. Drake (Riverton, WY), Edward E. Dudley (Oakland, ME)

James F. Durr (Sheridan, IL), Easton W. Duval (Austin, TX), Dominic Fallacaro (Buffalo, NY)

George M. Felber (Irvington, NJ) (Final Mission), Eugene W. Fletcher (Birmingham, AL), Leopold Leo Flores (Leadville, CO) (Lost Crew)

Leonard Gerber (University City, MO), Robert C. Gilg (Pittsburgh, PA) (Final Mission), Jesse Leon Greenebaum (Brooklyn, NY) (KIA)

Louis J. Gricco (Franklin Square, Long Island, NY) , Ralph W. Guida (Brooklyn, NY), William B. Gaillard (New York, NY)

Frank S. Gajewski (Berwyn, IL), John D. Joyce (New Brunswick, NJ), Howard Alonza Handran (Washington, DC) - 457th Bomb Group

Albert H. Hensick (Casey, IL), Sam Jaeggli (Moulton, TX), Charles S. Killebrew (Tarboro, NC), John J. Kirby (Kansas City, MO)

George C. Kulick (Chicago, IL) (POW), William H. Kunz (Louisville, KY), George H. Kwatcher (Brookline, MA) - (Obituary)

Joseph Barton Kyne (North Hollywood, CA) (Final Mission - #42-29894 Baltimore Bounce), Lee A. Lewis (Tulsa, OK)

Thomas Lumsden (Tacoma, WA) (Crew 806), Everett D. Lunde (Bangor, WI) (MACR4465), (Crew) Walter N. Lundahl, (Obituary) (Yonkers, NY)

Roy W. Lundgren (Wales, ND), Roger A. McCain (Shreveport, LA) (Biography), William McConnell (Louisville,KY)

John W. McKenzie (Paragould, AR), Adam A. Mackow (Newark, NJ) (Mission), Robert E. Mischler (Vincennes, IN)

Richard J. Misset (Worchester, MA), Hyman L. Mozner (Chicago, IL), Thomas O. Munley (Louisville, KY) - 449th Bomb Group

David W. Murphy (Arlington Heights, MA), Roland G. Parker (Milford, TX), Alfred R. Pease (Chicago, IL)

Carl J. Pfeifer (Bridgeville, PA), William Popoff (New York, NY) (Missions), Albert F. Racz (Chicago Heights, IL)

Edward V. Riley (Worchester, MA), Elmer R. Robinson (Huntington, WV), (Missions), Luis T. Sanchez (El Paso, TX) (Crew)

William J. Shugrue, Jr. (New Haven, CT), Emil Smetana (Detroit, MI) (Final Mission), Fred K. Springman (New York, NY)

Leon H. Sweet (Madison, WI), Max Sykes (Oriskany Falls, NY) (Crew), John T. Taylor (South Bend, IN)

Lorin E. Thieman (Corning, MS), Willard H. Thomas (Lincoln, NE), Meyer Trachtenberg (Bronx, NY)

Donald M. Traeger (Detroit, MI) (Survived The War), Lester Vihon (Chicago, IL), William K. Walling (Oblong, IL)

George A. Ward (Woodbridge, NJ), John C. Wertz (Columbus, OH), Roy V. Whiting (Chicago, IL)

Garven Williams (West Springfield, MA), Henry R. Winston (Wilmington, DE), Lorin A. Wolfe (Long Beach, CA)

Morris O. Wollan (Bothell, WA)


2nd Lt. William M. Bolin (Rochester, NY), 2nd Lt. Earl L. Christensen (Lincoln, NE), 1st Lt. Comly J. Eagle (Manoa, PA)

William L. Gage (Williamsport, PA), Hargus Regan (Tulare, CA), Hanley M. Schultz (Rossford, OH)

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