10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 436th Bombardment Squadron

Capt. Reino L. Aalto, O-431368, B-24 Pilot

Air Medal

Entered Service: 25 Apr 41

Relieved from duty with 10th AF - S.O. No. 30, 18 OCT 43

SSgt. Joseph A. Abbonizio, 33596337, Armorer-Gunner

Air Medal - G.O. No. 31, 19 Jan 45

SSgt. George Abdelnoor, Jr., 32802583, Radio Operator-Gunner - Eide Crew

Distinguished Flying Cross / Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

1Lt. Delmar R. Abell, O-785361, Bombardier - Sheppard Crew

Enlisted 19 May 41 / Separated 2 Sep 44

Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Sgt. Clinton F. Abrams, 11052731

Enlisted 1 Jun 43 / Separated 2 Oct 45

SSgt. Wayne E. Adams, 0-6912396, Ground Crewman

Entered Service: 15 Sep 39    Died, Non-Battle: 21 Sep 43, Succumbed to Malaria

1Lt. William A. Adams, O-789000, Pilot

Distinguished Flying Cross & Air Medal

James H. Adamsen, O-733251, Bombardier - Watson Crew

Air Medal - G.O. No. 226 16 May 45

Capt. Charles R. Agee, O-791366, B-24 Pilot

Entered Service 9 Aug 41

Distinguished Flying Cross w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Sgt. Lorenz F. E. Agricola, 38125556, Mechanic

Entered Service: 24 Mar 42

1Lt. Robert C. Alby, O-689587, Navigator - Mueth Crew

Entered Service: 29 Jun 42    Distinguished Flying Cross w/2 OLC    Air Medal

Lt. Col. Harry S. Alexander, O-289452, Squadron Commander

Distinguished Flying Cross     Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Cpl. Jack F. Alexander, 34649096

Entered Service 19 Mar 43    Returned to ZI: 20 Oct 45

Cpl. Angelo P. Alfieri, 31311635, Engineer/Gunner - Gordon Crew

Entered Service: 20 Apr 43    Air Meal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Sgt. Robert J. Altman, 33716080, Aerial Gunner - Trotter Crew

Joined 436th: April 1945    Returned to ZI: 20 Oct 45

Air Medal

SSgt. Clifford A. Andrewjeski, 19138641, Gunner - Nemecek Crew

Entered Service: 28 Sep 42    Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal w/ Oak Leaf Cluster

TSgt. Adam Anthony, 11114412, Radio Operator - Nemecek Crew

Enlisted: 27 Oct 42    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Sgt. Lawrence L. Atchley, 34257714, Engineering Technician

Enlisted: 2 Apr 42    Separated: 16 Oct 45

SSgt. Robert D. Augustus, 17160886, Armorer Gunner - Meade Crew

Enlisted: 16 Nov 42    Air Medal

2Lt. Melvin S. Avery, O-670487, Co-Pilot - Winter Crew

Entered Service: 16 Jan 41    Killed In Action: 2 Jul 43

Air Medal    Purple Heart

Avery was co-pilot on B-24D bomber #41-23747 assigned to the 10th Air Force, 7th Bombardment Group, 436th Bombardment Squadron. On July 2, 1943 they were one of a flight of six aircraft en route to bomb the Syriam oil refinery at Rangoon, Burma. After flying for fifteen minutes through heavy clouds, the airplanes broke into the clear in a dispersed formation and only five planes could be accounted for. About fifteen minutes later a radio message was heard "Any B-24D for help." However attempts to establish radio contact got no reply. Enemy fighters were active in the area, so it is presumed that Avery's plane was shot down.

SSgt. Ronald E. Ayotte, 31323372, Radio Operator/Gunner - Lee Crew

Air Medal, General Order No. 316, 28 Jul 45    Returned to USA: 20 Oct 45

436th BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel