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10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 492nd Bombardment Squadron

Sgt. Carl F. Davis, 16162053, Radio Operator - Stulz Crew

Entered Service: 1 Dec 42    Killed In Action: 19 Aug 45, B-24 Crash during gas haul

Air Medal

MSgt. George Davis, Line Chief

MSgt. Russell E. Davis, 36297381, Aircraft Mechanic

Enlisted: 13 Jan 43    Separated: 11 Nov 45

SSgt. Wesley Davis, 1813050-, Aerial Gunner - Hamsik Crew

Sgt. Robert E. Davy, 33758209, Armorer Gunner - Prohoehl Crew

Enlisted: 10 Apr 43    Added to 492nd: December 1944

Air Medal

Capt. James O. "Orville" Dean, O-696440, B-24 Pilot

Enlisted: 10 Jan 41    58 Combat Missions

Distinguished Flying Cross w/Oak Leaf Cluster    Air Medal w/2 Oak Leaf Clusters

TSgt. Howard B. DeJarlais, 0-6583803, Engineering & Maintenance

Enlisted: 10 Jan 40

Lt. Col. William A. Delahay, O-406712, Group Commander / B-24 Pilot

Lt. Col. William A. Delahay enlisted in the Army Air Corps in July 1940, at Dallas. He entered Flying School at Tulsa, Okla., and from there went to Randolph Field. He was graduated as a 2nd Lt. from Kelly Field. He served in the U.S.A. until November 1942, when he took 15 B-24 crews via South America, Ascension Islands, Central Africa and the Middle East to India, where they joined the 7th Bomb. Group. He flew the "Rangoon Rambler" to India, and made his first 12 missions in it. He flew a total of 480 combat hours in 57 missions during 26 months, in the CBI. Decorated with Distinguished Flying Cross w/Oak Leaf Clusters and the Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Clusters.

PFC Emmett R. Delany, 17015148, Enlisted: 26 Sep 40

Sgt. Leno J. Dallana, 33940464, Aerial Gunner

Enlisted: 24 May 44    Separated: 10 May 46

Pvt. George W. Dellinger, Jr., 33234915, Armament

Enlisted: 26 Jun 42    Separated: 14 Oct 45

Sgt. Elmer L. Deloney, 36987345, Aerial Gunner

Enlisted: 15 Jun 44    Separated: 8 Jan 46

SSgt. Albert D. DeLongis, 12139397, Flight Engineer

Enlisted: 2 Sep 42

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Cpl. Pasquale H. Deluso

Enlisted: 2 Apr 42    Separated: 30 Oct 45

Sgt. Michael C. DeMagistris, 32857352, Armorer Gunner - Ellwood Crew

Enlisted: 21 Apr 43    Joined 492nd: 4 Jul 44    Air Medal

Pvt. Leonard DeMille, Engineering & Maintenance

Enlisted: 2 Oct 42    Separated: 11 Mar 46

Sgt. Samuel K. Devor, 33230724, Engineering & Maintenance

Enlisted: 8 May 42

TSgt. Arthur H. Dick, 31115685, Radio Operator

Enlisted: 6 Jul 42    To CBI; December 1944

Distinguished Flying Cross   Air Medal   Good Conduct Medal

1Lt. Werner Dinteman, Ordnance Officer

Enlisted: 6 Mar 42    Separated: 6 Apr 59

Joined 492nd from 26th Fighter Squadron: 29 Sep 43

SSgt. Ellis W. Dodd, 35452628, Aerial Gunner - Porter Crew

Enlisted: 20 Apr 42    Killed In Action: 26 Mar 43, B-24 crashed on take-off

Purple Heart

Capt. Francis J. "Frank" Doherty, Co Pilot - Griffith Crew, Enlisted: 17 Dec 41

1st Mission with 492nd: 12 Feb 43

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

1Lt. Cornelius A. P. Dolan, 0-2069668, Navigator - Bennett & Sherman Crews

Enlisted: 18 Feb 43    Killed In Action: 7 Jul 45, B-24 Crash while on Gas Haul from Tezpur, India to China

Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

SSgt. William J. Dolney, 13013001, Aerial Gunner - Hamsik Crew

Enlisted: 23 Jan 41    Joined 492nd: 26 Mar 43

Good Conduct Medal

TSgt. Russell F. Doman, 19059186, Flight Engineer - Edward McCoy Crew
Enlisted: 8 Nov 41

Sgt. Charles H. Dornack, 37556646, Radio Operator

Enlisted: 7 Sep 43    Separated: 17 Jan 46

48 Combat Missions

SSgt. Lester Dozier, 14175057, Flight Engineer - Parrott Crew

Enlisted: 28 Oct 42    Separated: 17 Dec 45

Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

1st. Sgt. Albert L. Drake, Jr., 37117580Admin Aid    Original Member of 492nd Cadre

European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Ribbon   WW2 Victory Medal   Good Conduct Medal

Cpl. Ralph M. Duckett, 39193608, Radio Mechanic

Enlisted: 29 Oct 42    Separated: 12 Dec 45

Good Conduct Medal

Aircraftman 1st Class William G. Duff, 1721871, Observer/Correspondent

Killed In Action: 21 Nov 44

A member of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Aircraftman 1st Class Duff (#1721871) was one of the Commonwealth War Dead. He served as a war correspondent to the British South East Asia Command newspaper.
He was flying as an observer on B-24J #44-40811, assigned to the 10th Air Force, 7th Bombardment Group, 492rd Bombardment Squadron. They were part of a twelve plane formation that departed Madhaiganj, India to knock out the Geang Luang bridge in Burma. Right after bombing the target from about 300 feet the plane was hit by anti-aircraft fire on the left wing, which caught fire. The plane drifted to the left, lost altitude and crashed 25 miles southwest of Bhre, Thailand. All aboard were killed.

Sgt. Edward D. Duffy, 31280475, Armorer

Enlisted: 16 Jan 43    Added to 492nd: December 1944

Flight Officer Poti J. Dukas, T-9128, Bombardier

TSgt. Fred F. Duke, 35432220, Radio Operator

Enlisted: 3 Jun 42    Joined 492nd: 9 Aug 44

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Cpl. Donald E. Dunlap, 36319101, Engineering & Maintenance

Enlisted: 18 Feb 42

SSgt. Stephen J. "Little Moose" Durbano, 33329935, Aerial Gunner - Bittner Crew

Enlisted: 24 Aug 42

7th BG Personnel