Tribute to My Grandfather - Frederic N. Hernandez

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 492nd Bombardment Squadron

Sgt. William F. Hackett, 11053360, Bombsight Mechanic

Enlisted: 11 Jun 42   Joined 492nd: December 1944   Honorable Discharge: 16 Nov 45

1Lt. Thomas L. Hackward, O-728380, Bombardier - Penn Crew

Enlisted: 26 Sep 41

1Lt. Charles E. Hagan, O-819680, Co Pilot - Breedlove Crew

Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Sgt. Harry R. Haines    Good Conduct Medal    Transferred to 14th AF: 22 Apr 44

SSgt. Eugene L. Hall, 16055924, Aerial Gunner - Crumpacker Crew

Enlisted: 12 May 42    Separated: 17 Sep 45

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

SSgt. Samuel H. Hall, 38397692, Flight Engineer - R.S. Mitchell Crew

Enlisted: 2 Feb 43    Separated: 10 Oct 45

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal

2Lt. Sidney D. Hall, O-704477, B-24 Pilot

Enlisted: 29 Aug 42    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Sgt. J.A. Hambrick, 18031570, Armament

Enlisted: 11 Sep 40   Separated: 22 May 45   Transferred to 112th Station Hospital: 5 Feb 44

2Lt. William Hammel, O-708814, Navigator - Boesker Crew

SSgt. James F. Hannah, 34040297, Armorer Gunner - Ray Mitchell Crew

Enlisted: 28 Mar 41   Joined 492nd: 15 Jul 44

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal

1Lt. Ray S. Hannibal, 0-2067707, Navigator - Chandler Crew

Enlisted: 28 Mar 43    Separated: 3 Aug 44

Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

2Lt. Ralph W. Harbert, Jr., O-782854, Bombardier - McKee Crew

Enlisted: 30 Oct 42

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

TSgt. Everett H. Harrell, Jr., 15335132, Aerial Gunner - Veach Crew

Enlisted: 5 Nov 42    Joined 492nd: 20 Feb 44

Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster    Good Conduct Medal

Cpl. Daniel F. Harrington, Admin Aid

1Lt. Malcolm Hart, Jr., 0-2058181, B-24 Pilot

Enlisted: 4 Feb 43

Cpl. Andrew G. Haverland, 36322782, Ordnance

Enlisted: 3 Mar 42    Separated: 12 Oct 45   Good Conduct Medal

Cpl. Kenneth G. Hayward, 37364897, Aerial Gunner

Enlisted: 17 Jun 44    Separated: 10 Dec 45

Cpl. Louis W. Hazelwood, 14129392, Good Conduct Medal

Sgt. Robert F. Hearell, 18034514, Engineering & Maintenance    Enlisted: 24 Sep 40

1Lt. William A. Hedrick, O-563272, Squadron Mess Officer

Enlisted: 5 feb 42    Transferred to 443rd Troop Carrier Squadron: 27 Jul 44

Sgt. James E. Heiser, 17199077, Aerial Gunner

Enlisted: 2 Dec 43

Pvt. Denby W. Hendrix, 34761817, Aerial Gunner

Enlisted: 2 Mar 43    Separated: 26 Nov 45

SSgt. Glen Henion, 17038055, Aerial Gunner - Disher Crew

Enlisted: 27 Dec 41   1st Mission w/492nd: 12 Feb 43   Separated: 6 Sep 45

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

1Lt. Lester L. Hibbs, O-7004198, Bombardier - Littrell Crew

Enlisted: 2 Dec 42   To Theater: 13 May 44   Separated: 6 Nov 45

Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Cpl. John W. Hillman, 13179969, Aerial Gunner - E. Williams Crew

Enlisted: 16 Nov 43    Killed In Action: 8 May 45, B-24 Crash

Air Medal

TSGt. Nelson L. Hinds, 33037332, Radio Operator - Kemper Crew

Enlisted: 22 Apr 41    Separated: 6 Sep 45

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

SSgt. John F. "Jack" Hines, 32397027, Flight Engineer

Enlisted: 30 Jun 42   Killed, Non-Battle: 12 Sep 44, B-24 Crash during evasive action exercise

SSgt. Charles M. Hiney, 33574616, Aerial Gunner

Enlisted: 3 Mar 43    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Hiney entered the service on March 10, 1943, enlisting through Hollidaysburg (PA) draft board and reporting to New Cumberland, where he was classified and sent to Camp Butner, N.C. There he completed his basic training in the infantry on July 1, 1943, and received a seven-day furlough, reporting back to Camp Butner for advanced training which he completed the middle of October, 1943, after which he spent several days visiting his parents. On Nov. l, 1943, he transferred to the Air Corps and reported to Keesler field, Miss., where he remained until Dec. 28, 1943. Transferred to Buckley field, Colo., he was graduated from armorer school on April 1, 1944. He was sent from Buckley field to Harlingen AAF where he graduated from aerial gunner school. He was then stationed at Lemoore, Calif., where he joined an aerial combat team. Cpl. Hiney was a graduate of the Roaring Spring High school, class of 1942, played first string guard and end on the football team, was also a member of the baseball team and played two years junior varsity basketball. He was employed at the Martin bomber plant, Baltimore, Md., during the summer months of 1942, entered Juniata College in September 1942, where he played first string guard with the Juniata College Indians. He completed the first semester at the college and enrolled for the second semester but only remained until mid-February when he enlisted in the Army and was called for active duty on March 10, 1943.

TSgt. Pete Hinman, 17034046, Radio Operator - Adams Crew

Enlisted: 26 Nov 41   Distinguished Flying Cross w/Oak Leaf Cluster   Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

TSgt. Morris C. Hirst, 32079633, Radio Operator - Brown Crew

Enlisted: 17 Aug 42   Joined 492nd: 6 Aug 43

Distinguished Flying Cross     Air Medal

Cpl. Milo F. Hoadley, 0-6578604

Enlisted: 6 Nov 39    Separated: 10 Sep 45

Sgt. Richard J. Hodona, 15127695, Aerial Gunner    Enlisted: 10 Apr 44

SSgt. Edward W. Hof, 35226461, Aerial Gunner - Ray Mitchell Crew

Enlisted: 14 Aug 43   Joined 492nd: 15 Jul 44

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

MSgt. Irving M. Hoffman, 0-6914250, Engineering & Maintenance

Cpl. Carl R. Holthaus, Engineering & Maintenance

Flight Officer Albert W. Homza, T-125190

Enlisted 13 Oct 44    Separated: 7 Sep 65

1Lt. Stephen B. Homza, O-704202, Bombardier / S-3 Officer

Air Medal    To USA: February 1945

Cpl. Jack D. Hopkins, 13035221, Aerial Gunner     Enlisted: 23 Jul 41

2Lt. John F. Hopkins, O-704933, Co Pilot - Chapyak Crew    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Sgt. Elwood T. Hopper, 1638755, Engineering & Maintenance

Enlisted: 16 Jan 42   Good Conduct Medal

SSgt. Jack E. Houston, 34180207, Aerial Gunner - Lathan Crew

Enlisted: 11 Nov 41   Joined 492nd: 18 Aug 44   Separated: 17 Oct 45

Distinguished Flying Cross         Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Sgt. Kenneth W. Houts, 19142886, Armorer Gunner - McDaniel Crew

Enlisted: 3 Jul 43    Air Medal

Sgt. Bruce H. Howren, 35235529, Nose Gunner - Gustin Crew

Enlisted: 14 Aug 43   Joined 492nd: 6 Aug 44   50 Combat Missions

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Sgt. Leo M. Huffman, 39123196, Ball Turret Gunner - Robison Crew

Enlisted: 5 Feb 43    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

TSgt. William T. Hufnall, Jr., 38052963, Radio Operator - Lathan Crew   Enlisted: 27 Feb 41

SSgt. Lewis Hume, Jr., 37369150, Aerial Gunner - Henning

Enlisted: 25 Jun 42   Distinguished Flying Cross   Air Medal

TSgt. Carl T. Hunt, 38038518, Enlisted: 10 Nov 41    Killed, Non-Battle: 19 Nov 44, B-25 Crash

Cpl. Loren J. Husted, 37263099, Aerial Gunner - Stahl Crew

Killed, Non-Battle: 12 Sep 44, B-24 Crash During Evasive Action Exercise

Capt. George W. Hutcheson, Jr., O-749250, Squadron Operations Officer

Enlisted: 11 Apr 41   Distinguished Flying Cross   Air Medal

7th BG Personnel