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10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 493rd Bombardment Squadron

2Lt. John C. Galloway, O-682173, Navigator - Stephens Crew

Enlisted: 6 Aug 42

SSgt. Earl L. Garlock, 32550770, Flight Engineer - Young Crew

Enlisted: 28 Sep 42    Assigned to 493rd: 3 Nov 43

Cpl. Richard J. Garon, 42056498, Aerial Gunner - Shull Crew

Enlisted: 17 Dec 43    To CBI Theater: 16 Feb 45

2Lt. Russell C. Gebert, O-676372, Bombardier - Smith & Goad Crews

Prisoner of War: 14 Oct 43 to May 1945

Russell C. Gebert was a was the bombardier aboard B-24D #41-24220, assigned to the 10th Air Force. On a combat mission to Rangoon, Burma, the plane was shot down 30 miles west of Rangoon. The aircraft was hit in the bomb bay and a fire erupted. The fuselage broke in half and disintegrated. Five crewmen were killed, and Gebert was one of five others who were able to escape via parachute and became prisoners of war. Gebert was captured by the Japanese and was sent to Moulmein & Rangoon Jail (Burma Camp #5) near Rangoon, Burma, where 313 other American POWs were held. Russell's capture was first reported to the International Committee of the Red Cross on October 14, 1943, and the last report was made on May 11, 1945. Based on these two reports, Russell was imprisoned for at least 575 days. He was repatriated to the USA, but died on 24 Feb 46 from the effects of wounds he suffered while in the POW Camp.

SSgt. Dudley V. Gist, 38512377, Aerial Gunner - Parrott Crew

Enlisted: 5 Aug 43    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

1Lt. Harold W. Goad, O-659694, B-24 First Pilot

Enlisted: 3 Sep 41   Shot Down / POW: 14 Oct 43   Survived Captivity

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal

While piloting a B-24 crew on a mission to bomb Rangoon, Burma Lt. Goad and his crew were shot down by Japanese planes. Five members perished, while five others parachuted to the ground. The men were rescued by Burmese natives, but then captured by Japanese troops and taken to Rangoon Prison Camp. While a prisoner, and missing for a year, Goad was declared Killed In Action by the U.S. Government. Goad's wife Helen, believing he had perished, eventually remarried. Upon Goad's rescue from the POW camp, he was surprised to find that his wife had wed another. When she realized that her first husband was still alive, she had her marriage annulled and Harold and Helen renewed their vows. Together, they raised a family. Sadly, Lt. Goad died at the age of 48, from an aneurysm after suffering from various health issues that were thought to be the result of injuries he had suffered from the bailout and internment in the prison camp.

Sgt. Virgil C. Goff, 38447726, Flight Engineer - Parrott Crew

Enlisted: 20 Jan 43    Separated: 17 May 45

Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Pvt. Ewell Goodpaster, 35873884, Aerial Gunner - Nelson Crew

Enlisted: 11 Aug 43    Air Medal

Sgt. John G. Gould, 16083710, Aerial Gunner - Jacobson Crew

Enlisted: 7 Aug 42    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

SSgt. Thomas C. Graham, 32586758, Aerial Gunner

Enlisted: 10 Nov 42       Separated: 13 Oct 45

Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

Sgt. Clifford Grierson, 35717436, Aerial Gunner Bodmer Crew

Air Medal       Purple Heart

Grierson was a gunner on B-24J #44-70414, assigned to the 10th Air Force, 7th Bombardment Group, 493rd Bombardment Squadron. They were part of a five plane formation that departed Pandaveswar India to bomb targets at Moulmein Burma. Five minutes after dropping their bombs the formation was jumped by eight to twelve Japanese fighters. During the attacks Grierson's plane collided with one of the other bombers in the formation causing both to crash into the Bay of Martaban, killing both crews. Because his body was not recovered, he is memorialized on the Tablets of the Missing.

2Lt. Thomas R. Grissom, Jr., O-825369, Co Pilot Morrell Crew

Enlisted: 23 May 44       Separated: 27 Dec 46

Distinguished Flying Cross     Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

1Lt. Merrill R. Guerin, O-445437, Bombardier Gunther Crew

Enlisted: 10 Jun 42       Separated: 8 May 53

Distinguished Flying Cross       Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

TSgt. Rolland D. Guffin, 35259627, Radio Operator - Bailey Crew

Enlisted: 20 Feb 42   Assigned to 493rd: 17 Jan 43   Separated: 18 Oct 45

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

SSgt. Paul M. Guilmette, 11083552, Aircraft Mechanic

Enlisted: 28 Sep 42

Sgt. Bruce F. Gumm, 36834067, Aerial Gunner - Gunther Crew

Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

SSgt. Norman E. Guyer, 19074786, Radio Operator - Rote Crew

Enlisted: 23 Jan 42    Assigned to 493rd: 8 Jan 43

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

493rd BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel