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Grandfather's original crew
"Crew 67" of the 10thAF / 7th BG / 492nd BS

B-24J "Jungle Jig", Number 83, Radio Call Code "Lulu 83"

(Standing, L. to R.) Frederic N. "Bam" Hernandez (Bombardier); Harold A. West (Navigator);
John M. Conrad (Co-Pilot); Donald H. Tennent (Pilot)

(Front row, L. to R.) Edward L. Moss; Norman P. Long (Asst. Engineer/Waist Gunner); Tony R. Johns (Engineer); Charles F. Motley, Jr.; Hugh J. Courtney (Top Turret); Roy C. Schroeder (Ball Turret)

"Crew 67" - Miami 1943 On their way to India
Kneeling: Donald H. Tennent
Standing (L. to R.): Hugh Courtney, Roy Schroeder, Tony Johns, Charles Motley Jr. and my grandfather - Fred "Bam" Hernandez

The Crew flew from Miami on 22 February 1944 to Karachi in a C-54 cargo plane of the Air Transport Command. There were aluminum bucket seats with the backs to the sides of the plane with cargo lashed to the floor between the seats. Their stops included: San Juan, Puerto Rico; Georgetown, Guiana; Natal, Brazil; Ascension Island; The Gold Coast, Africa; Khartoum, Sudan; Masirah Island (off of Oman and finally Karachi, India on 27 February 1944. Karachi was the main assignment and relocation base in the CBI for the 10th Army Air Force.

Surviving Members of B-24 "Crew 67 '(circa 1996):

Donald H. Tennent, Roy Schroeder, Hugh Courtney, John M. "Jack" Conrad
(Not pictured: Norman Long)
Harold West, Tony Johns, Charles Motley, Jr. and Edward Moss


Harold A. West - Killed In Action, July 13, 1944 in China

- killed while with another crew, in the crash of B-24 44-40573, the "Esky II", while attempting to take off from Chenkung airfield on mission of 13 July 1944.

Charles F. Motley, Jr. - August 8, 1970 in Dallas County, TX.

Edward L. Moss - September 24, 1977 in Kannapolis, NC.

Tony R. Johns - August 28, 1995 in Mattoon, IL.

Norman P. Long - November 2, 2001 in Reading, PA.

Donald H. Tennent - April 24, 2002 in Albuquerque, NM.

Roy C. Schroeder - July 20, 2006 in Green Township, OH.

John M. Conrad - May 16, 2007 in Fairbury, NE.

Hugh Courtney - March 29, 2010 in Monroe, NY.

Rest In Peace, Gentlemen

(Photo Courtesy of Hugh Courtney/Jeff McNamee)

Left-Right: Donald Tennent, Frederic Hernandez, Jack Conrad, Norman Long
Unknown, Hugh Courtney, Edward Moss, Roy Schroeder, Harold West, Unknown

Back, Left-Right: Unk., Unk., Unk., Unk., Roy Schroeder, Hugh Courtney, Norman Long
Front, Left-Right: Donald Tennent, John Zehren, Frederic Hernandez

Donald Tennent

Donald Tennent - Casper, WY

Left to right: Donald Tennent, Unknown, Robert S. Mitchell

Left to right: Donald Tennent, Robert S. Mitchell

Hugh Courtney (New York)

Jack Conrad (Nebraska) with Tom Collins at top right photo

Robert S. Mitchell, Jack Conrad, Tom Purl

Tony Johns, Engineer

Tony Johns, Fred Hernandez, Unknown -China, 1943

Norman Long (New York)

Roy Schroeder

Left to right: Robert Crosson, Donald Tennent, John Folander, John Zehren
(I.D. Courtesy of Joe Zehren)

Flight Logs of John Zehren - 1944

Recollections of Robert Crosson

Letting off a little steam. Unk., Squadron Officer of 492nd BS, Donald Tennent

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