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Aviation Cadets of Class 43-11 (Bombardier) San Angelo Army Air Field

Roster of Aviation Cadet Class 43-11

Personnel Orders No. 16, 20 July 1943 Notification of Rank and Branch of Service

Addendum to Personnel Orders No. 16

Special Orders No. 211, 4 August 43

Honorable Discharge, 4 August 1943 To Accept Appointment as Flight Officer, AUS

Special Orders No. 212, 5 August 43 Assigned to Active Duty, San Angelo Army Air Field

Addendum to Special Orders No. 212

Appointment as Flight Officer, 5 August 1943 HQ AAF G.C.T.C., Randolph Field, TX

Transfer of Officers and Enlisted Men from 331st Combat Crew Training School (Casper, WY) to 2nd Heavy Bomb HQ (Topeka, KS)

Special Orders No. 36, 5 February 1944 (Pages 1-3)

Special Orders No. 36, 5 February 1944 (Pages 4-6)

Special Orders No. 36, 5 February 1944 (Pages 7-9)

Special Orders No. 36, 5 February 1944 (Pages 10-11)

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Completion of Combat Crew Training AAB, Casper, Wyoming - 6 February 1944

Shipping Ticket, 7 February 44 348th Sub Depot - AAB, Casper, Wyoming

Special Orders No. 48 Officers & Enlisted Men, Miami Beach to India

Special Orders No. 51, 20 February 1944 Roster of B-24 Replacement Combat Crews

Squadron Orders No. 7, 11 April 1944 Appointment as Censor, 7th BG, 492nd BS

Squadron Orders No. 10, 24 June 1944 Relieved as Squadron Censor

Special Orders No. 174, 30 June 1944 Assigned Temporary Duty with 14th AF

Commendation, 5 August 1944 Major Raymond S. Crawford, Jr.

Commendation, 6 August 1944 Major James S. Edney

Commendation, 7 August 1944 Colonel William P. Fisher and Colonel Aubrey K. Dodson

Personal Commendation, 3 October 1944 From Major Hilliard L. Gandy

Special Orders No. 287, 13 October 1944 Appointment as 2nd Lieutenant, AAF

General Orders No. 162, 20 October 1944 Award of Air Medal

Special Orders No. 292, 25 November 1944 Leave of absence to visit Lahore, India

Award of Distinguished Flying Cross

General Orders No. 32, 20 January 1945 (Pages 1-3)

General Orders No. 32, 20 January 1945 (Pages 4-5)

Letter Order No. 97 Relieved duty in the India-Burma Theater

Memorandum Receipts Return of Sidearm, Polaroid Goggle, Dead-Reckoning Computer

Letter Order No. 97 Clean Bill of Health, Equipment and Ordnance Returned

Special Orders No. 37 Travel from Caribbean Division, ATC, Miami FL

Assignment Recommendations Aircraft Training - West Coast

Special Orders No. 67 Assigned to 2509th AAF Base Unit, Big Springs AAF, TX

Special Orders No. 81 Assigned to Squad L, 2509th AAFBU

Special Orders No. 85 Redeployment Training

Special Orders No. 108 Transferred from AAF Big Springs TX to San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center, San Antonio, TX

Special Orders No. 97 Assigned to 2535th AAF Base Unit, Squad MM

HQ, 78th Flying Training Wing Volunteered For Additional Tours Of Combat Duty

War Department to Commanding Officer Awarded Oak Leaf Cluster to Air Medal

Special Orders No. 120 Release from attached Squadron MM, 2535th AAFBU

Report of Departure Transferred from 78th Flying Training Wing to 3043rd AAFBU

Special Orders No. 175 Assigned from 3043 AAFBU to 2528th AAFBU

Special Orders No. 218 Relief from Active Duty

Report of Departure Transferred from Midland AAF to Ft. MacArthur, CA

Army Service Forces, 9th Service Command Appt. as 2nd Lt., Air Corps Reserves

War Department, 3 October 1945 Appreciation for continued service in Reserve Corps

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