Short Snorters

Autographs of fellow crewmen - Dated August 4, 1944

"Short Snorter" Bills

Roster of names from above: (Top to bottom; Left Side) George C. Link; Johnny J. Kerst; William G. Barnard; Frederick Sweeney; Joseph M. Stertz; Melvin Lees; Donald M. Howland; Walter O. Kaestner; Arnold H. Christenson; John J. Havens; Jesse C. DeHay; Robert N. McCall; Harold R. Crawford; Paul B. Ranslow (Article of Interest); Clark "Zeke" Zerba; John J. Apsega; Thomas C. Glover; George (illeg.); Joe A. Kingland, Jr.;

(Top to bottom; Middle) John F. Pitts; Ben H. Adelson; Fred C. Keish; Walter H. Hopper; Leo S. Behrens; Raymond S. Crawford; John J. Klokis; Paul H. Hosp, Jr.; (Edward J.) E.J. Napior; (illeg.); (Robert R.) "Bluebeard" Brindle; Jack M. Nichols;

(Top to bottom: Right Side) T.E. Purl; George W. Cramer (?)

[Thanks to Jack Gross for De Hay / Ranslow verification]

Right Edge: "Herbert Gross Agra, India 11/4/43"

Names (Top to Bottom) - G. Hammond; A.L. Wollam; C.W. Boyd; Max Cline; Marion Catania; H.S. Peterson; Ernest J. Churchill; Robert N. McCall; Gordon L. Rasberry; Truitt C. Sims; Jack E. Warren; Al Paganini; Paul Ranslow; Edward G. (Pennfield); Allen D. Query; Walter E. ?; Harold G. Sigmund; Dale M. Doty

[Image/I.D. - Jack Gross]

Top Edge: "Charles Whalen Short Snorter"

Names (Top to Bottom) - Robert J. Crosson; John G. Zehren; John A Hyatt; George J. Lawrence; Charles G. Reisinger; Noel McDonald; John J. Folander; Tommy Lawson; James F. Detzel; Ben C. (illeg.) Glider Pilot; Kenneth Midstokke; W.H. Strauch; Robert J. Crosson; Charles W. Smith; Horace J. Miller

[Image/I.D. - Charles D. Whalen / Joe Zehren]

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