Tech Sergeant Edward R. Borden, ASN 11032768

Radio Operater/Mechanic/Waist Gunner - Griffith Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 492nd Bombardment Squadron

Enlisted: 16 December 41    Separated: 18 December 45

Distinguished Flying Cross     Air Medal

Asian-Pacific Theater Campaign Ribbon

American Theater Campaign Ribbon    Victory Medal

Good Conduct Medal

(Images/Info Courtesy of Claudia Borden-Brierly, daughter)

TSgt. Edward Borden

The Crew of "Star Duster"
(Descriptions per Sgt. Kappel)

Front, L-R:
Capt. James C. Griffith (P) - "Son of a San Bernardino, CA banker, a fine pilot...a fine man.

Lt. Joseph C. Crowover (CP) - "Bartrand, Nebraska, a good pilot, nice fellow. He was not one of the original crew. He replaced 2nd Lt. Francis J. Doherty who got a crew of his own."

1Lt. Joseph E. Byrne (B) - "New York, New York. Nice guy and a good man."

2Lt. Claudius B. Ward (N) - "Nice enough guy but very nervous. Hometown unknown. Never knew what became of him."

2nd Row, L-R:
TSgt. Ed Borden (RO) - "Boston, MA. Nice guy, amateur boxer, fine singer, left waist gun."

SSgt. Walter J. Kappel (G) - "Gunner, right waist gun. Friendship, WI. Did not become flight engineer until later."

Sgt. Wayne C. Walker (RO-G) - "Gunner, top turret. Denver, CO. Great personality, could charm anyone, but hang onto your wallet!"

SSgt. George C. Barnett (G) - "Tail gunner. Bartlesville, OK. Cherokee Indian, nice guy. Had a passion for precious stones, gambler."

Back, L-R:
TSgt. Edward J. Charlet (E) - "When he was laid low by malaria, I became his successor having qualified for the position...but that's another story. New Orleans, LA. Hard guy to know, very efficient, very knowledgeable. He taught me much and we were good friends. Ball turret gunner."

SSgt. Gale H. Gross (G) - "Nose turret gunner. Wapato, WA. He was fairly new to the crew of the Star Duster. When we changed from the old B-24Ds to the new more advanced B-24H and B-24J, we had two more gun positions, a Sperry ball turret and a nose turret, which is how we acquired Gale Gross. He was a big, very quiet guy. He said very little but he knew his job."

Back, L-R: Ed Charlet, George C. Barnett, Wayne C. Walker, Walter Kappel, Ed Borden
Front, L-R: Joseph E. Byrne (B), Francis Doherty (CP), James C. Griffith (P), Claudius B. Ward (N)

492nd BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel