Staff Sgt. Martin J. "Buster" Bradley, Jr., ASN 14001423

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 492nd Bombardment Squadron

Supply Technician

(Images & Info Courtesy of Martin Bradley, Son)

Enlisted: July 1940

In Theater: December 1942 to March 1945


Jim Tatman, Bradley, Ed Karaway

June, 1945

From Martin Bradley, Son -

This is about my dad, Martin J. “Buster or Bus” Bradley Jr. who was born in May 1920 in Thornton, AR and passed away in April 2010 a little shy of his 90th birthday.

But before you hear more about my father I want to thank Michael Hernandez for his hard work and dedication in setting up this website to honor those of the Greatest Generation and to those who served in the CBI theatre during WWII. Michael set up this website to honor his Grandfather but has generously included others that served during that time and in that place. Thank you Michael.

Dad was born in a small town in Arkansas in 1920, and both his dad and mother, my grandparents, were teachers in the local schools for a number of years before moving to Memphis, TN when dad was a teenager. Dad had two sisters, one older and one younger. Dad enlisted in the USAAF (US Army Air Force) in July 1940 at 20 years old. He took his basic training at Maxwell Field in Alabama and had intended to fulfill his military obligation in about 15 months by “buying out his military contract” which was allowable back then, and returning to Memphis to go to college or technical school. The Japanese derailed this plan on December 7, 1941. Dad suddenly learned what the phase “you will be with us for the DURATION” meant. Although he originally intended to separate after a year or so he was fully committed to his military duty and was hoping he would be sent “overseas”. He got his wish and in December 1942 when he was put on a troop ship in Oakland, CA that would eventually land him in India with the 7th Bomb Group until March 1945. He was a Staff Sgt., and was assigned to the 492nd Bomb Squadron with a MOS of Supply Technician AAF – 826.

After his tour of duty he returned to the US and was separated from the USAAF in September 1945, for a total of five years, two months and four days of service. My parents married in Hollywood, CA in June 1945 and I was born in March 1946. Dad, Mom and I lived in Memphis where he enjoyed fishing and hunting until 1957 when we moved to Southern California, eventually settling in Downey (CA). I was an only child.

Dad worked various jobs in the construction field until taking a permanent position with LA City School District (LACSD) as a Maintenance Supervisor in 1957. Mom worked various secretarial positions eventually ending up with the Downey Police Dept., as an administrative assistant. Dad retired from the LACSD in 1982. Mom retired a couple of years later and they began taking various vacations around the country by car. They both enjoyed “road trips” but also took a number of cruises to Alaska, the Caribbean, Panama Canal and Mexico, and went to Europe to meet me while I was on assignment in Saudi Arabia.

Dad always had a vegetable garden in the backyard from the time we moved into our first home in 1957. They owned their home until moving to Northern CA in 2004. His Downey garden was his stress reliever and his tomatoes, squash, beans and lettuce were the favorites of the neighborhood. Mom passed away in 2009 and dad followed a year later and I miss them very much.

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