SSgt. John E. "Whitey" Carlon, ASN 32384078

Armorer Gunner - A. Smith Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 493rd Bombardment Squadron

Entered Service 5 Sep 42

Air Medal

Lt. Albert D. "Pete" Smith & Crew - Topeka Kansas

Front, L-R: 1Lt. George G. David (B), 1Lt. Albert D. "Pete" Smith (P),
2Lt. Robert L. Woodard (N), Lt. William Schraeder (CP)

Rear, L-R: SSgt. John N. "Johnny" Gibson (NG), SSgt. Howard B. Swope, Jr. (BT)
SSgt. Albert E. "Frenchy" Fournier (WG), SSgt. Clarence R. Thomas (WG)
TSgt. William O. "Willie" Brown (TG), TSgt. Cornelius H. "Pop" O'Leary (E/TT)

Lt. Smith & Crew - India 1944

Front, L-R: 1Lt. Edwin E. Bodley (N), 1Lt. Geroge G. David (B)
1Lt. Herbert A. "Tex" Lawrence (CP), 1Lt. Albert Smith (P)

Rear, L-R: "Johnny" Gibson, John E. "Whitey" Carlon, "Willy" Brown
"Bucky" Fournier, "Thomas", "Pop" O'Leary

Front Center - "Minnie" McGregor, Crew Mascot

India - 1943

Standing, L-R: SSgt. Robert W. "Bob" Marlar, Sgt. William J. "Billy" Hartigan
Sgt. Harry R. "Harry" Haines, SSgt. Francis J. Burnetter, Sgt. Erwin H. Posner

Kneeling, L-R: "Johnny" Carlon, Sgt. Thomas L. "Tom" Murphy, SSgt. Joseph R. Pietrzyk

(Posner was KIA, 18 Apr 44 while serving with 14th AF)

(Images Courtesy of Carlon Family)

493rd BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel