Sergeant Robert E. Davy, ASN 33758209

Asst. Radio Operator / Nose Gunner - Prodoehl Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 492nd Bombardment Squadron

Entered Service: 10 Apr 43

Training Locations:

Induction Center - Camp Hill, PA
Basic Training - Greensboro, NC
Radio School - Scott Field, IL
Aviation Cadet School - Miami Beach, FL
Flexible Gunnery School - Laredo, TX
Crew Formation/Phase Training - March Field, CA

Route to Theater:

From Hamilton Field, CA -
Dyersburg (TN) Army Air Base - Fort Wayne (IN)- Syracuse, NY -
Grenier Field (NH) - Gander, Newfoundland - Azores - Marrakhesh, Morroco -
Tunis, Tunisia - Benghazi, Libya - Cairo, Egypt - Abadan, Iran - Karachi, India -
Agra, India - Asansol, India (Arrived 25 Dec 44)

28 Combat Missions    Silver Star    Air Medal

Flew a brand new B-24 (Ship #87) "Homewrecker" from USA to India with:

1Lt. LeRoy H. Prodoehl (P), 2Lt. Herbert E. Ester (CP), 1Lt. Leland Yoss (N), 2Lt. John Burris (B)

Sgt. John N. Wilson (E), SSgt. John L. Katsikas (RO), Sgt. Dallas D. Ebelsheiser (BT)
Sgt. John W. Cooper (TT), SSgt. William M. Muhly (TG)

Departed for USA on a 33 day trip by ship in August 1945. Following the War, Davy returned to work with Piper Aircraft and played Minor League baseball with the Chicago Cubs organization.

7th BG Personnel

492nd BS Personnel