Lt. Robert T. Decius, ASN 19137880

Co-Pilot - Carroll Norris Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 436th & 493rd Bombardment Squadrons

Enlisted - 18 February 1943

24 Combat Missions

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

(Info/Photos provided by Everett Lipe)


Front, L-R: 1Lt. Leo Eatman (N), 2Lt. Carroll C. Norris (P)
Lt. Myron E. Starks (B), Lt. ROBERT T. DECIUS (CP)

Back, L-R: Sgt. Henry Meier (WG), SSgt. Everett W. Lipe (TG), Lt. James S. Cook (RO-G)
Cpl. Raymond F. Fortier (E-G), SSgt. Vernon Agness (BT), Pfc. John L. Lanigan (NG)

Last photo taken of crew while in CBI - (Order, same as above)


6-November-44 10:25 hrs Sea Search for B-24, Bay of Bengal
19-December-44 7:30 hrs Over Hump, Pandaveswar to Luliang
23-December-44 10:40 hrs Luliang to Suichwan, Gas haul
26-December-44 10:55 hrs Luliang to Suichwan, Gas haul
6-January-45 7:15 hrs Over Hump, Luliang to Pandaveswar, Gas, Pump exploded
8-January-45 14:30 hrs Bombing mission
16-January-45 10:30 hrs Pandaveswar to Mingaladon Air Field Rangoon, Burma
21-January-45 8:10 hrs Pandaneswar to Ramree Island invasion. Japs gone
23-January-45 13:45 hrs Bombing mission
21-February-45 11:35 hrs Bombing mission
23-February-45 13:00 hrs Bombing mission
25-February-45 12:25 hrs Pandaveswar to French Indo-China low level mission on RR yard
28-February-45 10:10 hrs Pandaveswar to Mingaldon Air Field
3-March-45 13:30 hrs Bombing mission
5-March-45 13:25 hrs Bombing mission
13-March-45 12:30 hrs Lost left inboard engine. Salvoed bombs in Bay of Bengal. Landed in Southern India
17-March-45 16:45 hrs Pandaveswar to Malayan Peninsula. Double bridges. Crash landed at Chittagong, India. We were low on fuel.
24-March-45 13:30 hrs Bombing mission
31-March-45 13:40 hrs Bombing mission
4-April-45 8:55 hrs Bombing mission
19-april-45 11:10 hrs Bombing mission
21-April-45 8:55 hrs Bombing mission
27-April-45 11:10 hrs Bombing mission, 493rd plane crashed on take off
2-May-45 10:20 hrs Bombing mission

493rd BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel