Lt. Edgar M. Derr, ASN 13029066

Co Pilot - Bell Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 493rd Bombardment Squadron

(Images & Info Courtesy of Kathie Brooks, Daughter)

Lt. Edgar M. Derr
"Billie Rose Diamond Horseshoe Club", NYC - 1943

Lt. Derr, Front, center

Bell Crew

Front, L-R: SSgt. Sal Pomer (G), Peterson, Cpl. James Puliti (G), Sgt. Roger McClarty (RO), ?, ?
Back, L-R: Lt. Edgar Derr (CP), Lt. Paul Bell (P), Lt. Hoyle Adams (B), Lt. Yazak (N)

Egypt, 1945 - Lt. Derr, 2nd from left

India, 1945 - Lt. Derr, Back - 2nd from left

"The Lords of the Desert" - Egypt, 1945 - Lt. Derr, far right

Lt. & Mrs. Edgar M. (Fern Kathryn) Derr, 6 June 44 - Their wedding day.

From the collection of Edgar Derr

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Blood Chits

A map indicating the route by Lt. Derr's crew on several 16-hour combat missions
from Northern India to Indochina

From Kathie Brooks, daughter of Lt. Derr -

When my Dad got out of the service, he went to UMass and got his electrical engineering degree and worked for General Electric for 42 years in Pittsfield, MA. I was his only child. He died in 2004.

Lt. Derr's Memorial

7th BG Personnel

493rd BS Personnel