(From Missing Planes of the 452nd Bomb Group, by Edward Hinrichs, Trafford Publishing, August 31, 2004)

Date: 3 September 1944 Target: Brest, France Mission #127

The 452nd put up two Groups, A and B flying lead and low in the 45th Combat Wing. their target was four 105 mm Howitzers located northwest of the town of Brest. Also included in today's target wre strong points of troop concentration of Jerries, determined to hold up our use of the harbor facilities there. Bombing results of A group were good but B were poor. B group encountered no flak or enemy fighters but A Group was hit by moderate, accurate and tracking flak. Aircraft #43-38119, leader of A Group was hit by flak over Guerney Island. No. 2 engine was seen on fire with flames reaching back to the top turret. The aircraft rapidly lost altitude and #2 engine fell off at 2,000 feet, #3 engine was feathered. The aircraft was seen to ditch at 0908 hours and aircraft #175 sent out a fix to Air Sea Rescue. This aircraft is missing along with all crewmembers. Many of the attacking aircraft received flak damage partly because of th every low bombing altitude, which was 8,000 feet much below the regular bombing altitude of 20 to 25,000 feet.

(Per Missing Air Crew Report #8609) Plane: B-17 G, #43-38119

1st Lt. Miles E. Parmley - Pilot - KIA

Lt. Col. Carl L. Liles - Co-Pilot (Command) - KIA

Capt. David T. Lewis - Navigator - KIA

Capt. Robert C. Gilg - Bombardier - KIA

Major John E. Clonts, Jr. - Observer - KIA

2nd Lt. William G. Campbell - Tail Gunner - KIA

T/Sgt. Jerry McGill - Engineer - KIA

T/Sgt. William F. Walsh - Radioman - KIA

S/Sgt. James A. Krueger - Ball Turret - KIA

S/Sgt. Walter H. Goeske - Waist Gunner - KIA

REMARKS OF EYEWITNESS STATEMENTS: (From Interrogation Report, 452nd Group S-2)

Aircraft hit by flak over Guernsey Island. No.2 engine was seen on fire with flames reaching back to top-turret. Aircraft rapidly lost altitude and No. 2 engine fell out of mount, burning, at approximately 2000 feet altitude. No. 3 engine was feathered. Fire apparently extinguished when No. 2 engine fell out.

The aircraft was seen to ditch at 0908 hours and a "G" fix was obtained placing the ditching at 491-0250 W. Air-sea rescue ws contacted and acknowledged receipt. Ditching aircraft did not explode.

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