Sgt. Jerome M. Gilgallon, ASN 13127832

Aerial Gunner - Meade Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 493rd Bombardment Squadron

(All Images Courtesy of Diane Gilgallon Kohli)

Meade's Crew

Back, L-R: TSgt. Robert L. Barnes (RO-G), 2Lt. Arthur J. Foley, Jr. (CP), 1Lt. Gerard W. Coleman (B)
1Lt. William J. Meade (P), Lt. Richard C. Amidon (B), SSgt. Randol V. Paschal (E)

Front, L-R: Robert Adams (N), Clarence G. Fedorka (G)
Sgt. Jerome M. Gilgallon (G), SSgt. Robert A. Augustus (G)

Foley was the only member of the original crew that didn't make it back. From

On 25-Nov-43, he flew with the crew of Lt. Thomas S. Ingham. Just before reaching the target area over Rangoon, Burma, the ship was attacked by several Japanese fighter planes. The bomber lost #1 engine and they fell behind the formation, losing altitude. They dropped their bombs over the target and seemed to hold 9,400 feet until just south and east of Akyab, when they went into a heavy cloud bank and were not seen again. The crew was never found.

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Sgts. Gilgallon & Tom Horne                          Sgt. Gilgallon, Eritrea, Dec. 1944


Sgt. Jerome M. Gilgallon

L-R: Fedorka, Adams, Augustus
India, March 1944

493rd BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel