Sgt. Thomas O. Glynn, ASN 37501815

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / Headquarters Squadron

Assistant to Group Chaplain

(Images & Info Courtesy of Michael Bronson)

Thomas Glynn

Above: (From "Letters To Virginia", Revealing Courage During World War II In China-Burma-India And At Home by Capt. Gerard Cook & Virginia Barbour Cook) -

Indian orphan Myrtle Nanson, two and a half years old, shyly examines a bass violin, as Lt. Don Nelson [s/b Donald E. Taylor], dance band director, points to the strings and Pfc. Thomas Glynn holds the instrument. Mother Ame is a member of the Catholic missionary group entertained by the GI band.

The volunteer musicians who played for the orphans were Lt. Donald E. Taylor (Director - front, center), Lt. Newton Hamfeldt (drummer), Pfc. Thomas Glynn (string bass - rear, far right), Cpl. Rupert K. Marland (trumpet), Pfc. Edward A. Kowalski (guitar), Pfc. Robert E. Singer (saxophone/clarinet), Sgt. Eddie Garner (piano), Cpl. Mac Bergman (trumpet), SSgt. Dick Shaltry (announcer), Sgt. Ted Rudnitsky (saxophone), William Schneller (accordion/piano), Cpl. Leo J. Janesovsky (trombone), Cpl. Theodore L. Ballard (trumpet), Cpl. Norman E. Baur (saxophone) and Cpl. Williams Wilford Jr. (vocalist).

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