Tech Sergeant Wilfred W. Graham, ASN 31077518

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 492nd Bombardment Squadron

Flight Engineer - Smith Crew

(Images & Info Courtesy of David Graham)

Smith Crew

(In Alphabetical Order): SSgt. Leon E. Ashby (RO), TSgt. Wilfred W. Graham (kneeling, 3rd from left)
TSgt. Murray Taylor (kneeling, far left), TSgt. William W. "Moose" Tutor (E-G) (kneeling, far right)
SSgt. John R. Vawter (G), SSgt. William J. Windt (G)

Letter Order #97 - Indicating that "...the incl O's and EM, orgn indicated, are reld fr further asgmt and dy with their respective orgns and the I-B Theater and WP by mil acft, the United States." - Sgt. Graham's Orders To Head Home!

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492nd BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel