2Lt. Frank L. Gurney, ASN 19092484 / O-2066520

Co-Pilot - Dance Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 9th Bombardment Squadron

Enlisted: 4 August 44   Separated: 19 Dec 46

1 Combat Mission / 19 Hump Missions

Tezpur, India 1945
Gurney & crew flew this B-24 back to the States
Lt. Gurney is 2nd from left

Lt. Gurney, 2011
(Courtesy of "Friends and Neighbors Magazine", June 2011)

Members of B-24 Crew:

Lt. Thomas Dance (P); Lt. Edward Kupiec (N); Lt. Fred Mueller (B)
Joseph Werner (E), Joe DeChene (RO), Ed Kisling (NG), Alfred Lods (TT)
Donald Ellinger (BT), Willard Taylor (TG)
(Information Provide by Frank L. Gurney)

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9th BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel