1Lt. George B. Hobbib, ASN O-834814

Co-Pilot - Turala Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 436th Bombardment Squadron

Enlisted: 28 April 43, Newark, New Jersey

Turala Crew

(In No Particular Order)
Back: Sgt. Garry R. Lewis (WG), Sgt. Ray L. Schafbuch (TT), Sgt. William Timmerman (TG)
Sgt. Gilmour E. Westling (RO), SSgt. John R. West (E), Sgt. Robert Heick (NG)

Front, L-R: 1Lt. George B. Hobbib (CP), 1Lt. Alfred J. "Swede" Turala (P)
Lt. Irwin S. Oppenheim (B), 1Lt. Erwin Levey (N)

Note: Per recollections of crew, Oppenheim was replaced and spot was filled by several different bombardiers.


7th BG Personnel