Sgt. Richard S. Ivory, ASN 32752375

Engineer/Gunner - Kemper Crew

Purple Heart

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 492nd Bombardment Squadron

(All Images Courtesy of Debra Riggins, Niece)

Sgt. Ivory at right. Others Unknown.

Sgt. Ivory - Middle Row, right

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The Kemper crew was forced to bail out of their B-24 while on a gas-hauling mission to Liuchow, China on 13-August-44. Lt. Kemper and S/Sgt Richard Ivory, a substitute engineer (not in this photo) on the flight, were killed; all others survived. Ivory was a replacement for Stanley Walker.

From Robert F. Dorr's 7th Bombardment Group/Wing, 1918-1995 - "Aircraft (B-24 #42-72841)was on a gas hauling mission from Kurmitola, India to Liuchow, China. Approaching the Burmese border an explosion which tore away a section of the right wing started a widespread fire and the plane started dropping rapidly. The pilot gave the bailout order. All but the pilot got out. One crew member's (Ivory) chute failed to open."

Telegram received by Ivory's family following his death.

Sgt. Ivory beneath arrow. Others unknown.

Original grave location of Sgt. Ivory in India prior to disinterment and reburial in Hawaii.

Sgt. Ivory's Memorial