2Lt. William L. Jacobson, ASN O-729446

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 436th Bombardment Squadron

Bombardier - Kellogg Crew

Enlisted: 25 March 42

55 Combat Missions

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal

(Image Courtesy of Mrs. Maryellen Jacobson, Wife)
2Lt. William Jacobson

(Image courtesy of 7th BG Historical Foundation)

Kellogg Crew

Back, L-R: Capt. Davind N. Kellogg (P), Swanson, 1Lt. Edward J. Weaver (N)
Lt. William L. Jacobson (B), Sgt. George Geyer

Front, L-R: 2Lt. Gilbert Erb, SSgt. Edward G. DeCapita (G), Roberts
unk, Sgt. Reginald C. "RC" Jones (TG)

Bishnupur, India 1943

Lt. William L. Jacobson at far right

436th BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel