2Lt. Gustaf E. Johnson, O-682483, Bombardier - Vaughn Crew

Enlisted: 16 Oct 41   Prisoner of War

Lt. Johnson was the bombardier aboard B-24J #42-73060 "Boogie Woogie Bomb Buggy", assigned to the 10th AF, 7th BG, 492nd BS.En route to Rangoon, Burma, the formation of B-24s, in which this ship was a part, came under attack by enemy fighters. In one of the passes, a Japanese Zero made an attack from about 3-o'clock. As the fighter went through the formation, it struck Moen's bomber at about the waist position, cutting the fuselage in half and tearing off the Zero's tail. Both planes spun out of control and crashed. Johnson bailed out and survived only to be taken prisoner by the Imperial Japanese army. He was sent to Moulmein & Rangoon Jail (Burma Camp #5) near Rangoon, Burma where 313 other American POWs were held. His capture was first reported to the International Committee of the Red Cross on October 26, 1943, and the last report was made on May 11, 1945. Based on these two reports, Lt. Johnson was imprisoned for at least 563 days (1 year and ~7 months). The average duration of imprisonment was 363 days. Ultimately, he was liberated and returned to US military control.

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