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Sgt. Vernon P. Martin, Radar Mechanic, 373rd & 374th Bomb Squadrons, ASN 71755564

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Four Radar Mechanics: Vern Martin, Ira Underwood, Tom Cook and Bill Lesak

Ira Underwood and Bill Lesak on the Flight Line in Chengkung, China

Sam Hansen, Vern Martin, George Wachs, Front: Bill Lesak

Vern with brother Marion "Marty" Martin

Radar Mechanic Group
Vern Martin (3rd Row, Far left), Robert Piche (Same row, 7th from left
Ira Underwood (Same row, 8th from left), Vince DeLuca (2nd row, Far right)
Eugene Antonioli (2nd row, 2nd from right) and Bill Lesak (2nd row, Far right)

Jack Leonard pulling rickshaw, Charles Klaes riding

A USO show featuring Jinx Falkenburg and Pat O'Brien

At the Rose Room in Portland, OR upon returning to the United States, January 1946
Left to Right: Vincent DeLuca, Eugene Antonioli, Morris Knobovitz
Vernon Martin & Charles Klaes

Images From China

Near the walled village of Chengkung on the road to Kunming.

Chinese Nationalist Soldier

Funeral procession through the streets of Kunming

Chinese public grooming station, Kunming

Beggar on the streets of Kunming

Chinese laborers hauling rock to pave a runway