2Lt. Joseph F. Matarrese, ASN 16137260

Bombardier / Navigator - Robison Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 492nd Bombardment Squadron

Enlisted 18 Nov 42

(Images/Info Courtesy of Matarrese Family & Fold3.com)

2Lt. Joseph Matarrese, USAAC

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Robison Crew

Back, L-R:Jerry Strauss (N), Joseph Matarrese (B)
Bruce Robison (P), Charles Colville (CP)

Front, L-R: Walter Kobierski (NG), Harry Grove (RO), Charles "Pop" Landherr (E)
Leo Hoffman (BT), Henry Konopka (TG), Daniel White (A-G/Camera Man)

Lt. and Mrs. Joseph Matarrese

Lt. Matarrese (R) and brother Pasquale

Lt. Matarrese (L) and brother Pasquale

Artwork contributed to the records of the 7th Bomb Group by Lt. Matarrese:
(Images Courtesy of Matarrese Family)

Cover art for a Group dance


This photo is from the archives of the 7th Bomb Group. Note the artwork in the background.
It is seen, more clearly, above.

492nd BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel