1st Lt. Frank J. Milatzo, Sr.

Bombardier - Morse Crew

10th Air Force, 341st Bombardment Group, 22nd Bombardment Squadron
7th Bombardment Group, 436th Bombardment Squadron

(All Images Courtesy of Frances Milatzo Tatman)

From daughter, Frances Milatzo Tatman - "Frank J. Milatzo Sr. was born July 13, 1911 to Italian immigrants and was raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming. In high school he was in ROTC. After graduating he joined the US Army. He was in the Calvary and when the Army Air Corp was formed joined it. He was a Sergeant when Pearl Harbor was bombed. He was a Bombardier and made Lieutenant in 1942 and was in Asia Burma in the 22nd Squadron. After WW2 he made Captain he was in Strategic Air Command and MAT between the war and his retirement in Training Command and Supplies. Then in August 1958, after 27 years in the military, he retired as a Major."

Morse Crew, 436th Bombardment Squadron
Standing L to R: 1Lt. Elmer M. Morse (P),1 Lt. Frederick Bock (CP),
1Lt. William May (N), 2Lt. Frank J. Milatzo (B)

Kneeling L to R: T/Sgt. William Rooney (E), S/Sgt. Murl Ondell (RO), S/Sgt. George S. Ingebo (G)
Cpl. Mathew Oakes (G), Cpl. Harold McElroy (G)

From Ray Morse, son of Lt. Morse:

"This is the crew that flew on the Linsi Mine mission, 21 Oct. 1942 from Chengtu China. There was a flight of 6 that started but one turned back for mechanical problems. My dad flew plane 5 on the remainder of the mission. As an interesting sidenote, Frederick Bock, Dad's Co-pilot. He went on the fly B-29's. His plane "Bocks Car" dropped the 2nd A-bomb. He was not the pilot though."

Back, L-R: Lt. Milatzo, Lt. Elmer Morse, Maj. Wesley Werner

Sitting on bench, L-R: Lt. Robert Clarke (CP - Bryan Crew), Maj. Joseph Pirruccello
Capt. Kenneth Trout (CP - Werner Crew), Capt. Francis Thompson (N- Werner Crew)

Sitting on ground, L-R: 1Lt. Fletcher Taylor (N - Pirruccello Crew), Capt. Merle Bryan
(Photo taken at Hsinching Air Base, 1942)

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436th BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel