Sgt. Judson F. Moeller

Top Turret Gunner - Swope Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 493rd Bombardment Squadron

Entered Service: 19 Feb 44   Separated: 8 Jan 46

(Info Courtesy of Fold3)

L-R: Albert Dubravetz, Judson Moeller, others unknown
(Image courtesy of Moeller Family)

(Image courtesy of 7thBGHF)

Joe Swope & Crew

Notes from Ernie Hartman: William Aldrich was a gunner assigned to our original crew but was dropped when we were sent to Langley field for LAB (Low Altitude Bombing) radar training, before going overseas. In his place Robert A. Hessemer was added to the crew as "Mickey man" the term used at the time for the radar operator who operated the main radar equipment located on the flight deck behind the cockpit. The radar operator would locate the target at a distance and the bombardier would pick up the target on his radar scope prior to the bomb run. The reason we had one less gunner was because in radar equipped B-24s the ball turret was removed and replaced with a radar antenna.

493rd BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel