TSgt. Glenn S. Morton, ASN 14161943

Radio Operator / Gunner - Bodmer Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 493rd Bombardment Squadron

Enlisted Service: 10 Dec 42

Killed In Action - 22 Oct 44

Distinguished Flying Cross     Air Medal

Purple Heart

(Images/Info Courtesy of Blount County Veterans Memorial/Fold3.com)

Morton, smiling at center

Morton, front row - center

U.S. Government's telegram that notified family of TSgt. Morton's MIA status

Details of the mid-air collision that resulted in the loss of Morton (among others)

(From my grandfather's personal diary)

October 22 (Having returned to duty with 10th Air Force) - Moulmein [Burma] - docks had 1/2 hr. air battle with Zeros. Lost 3 B-24s. Fired the right waist gun - fun as hell 11 hrs. 40 min.

Details of Loss of B-24s (From Robert F. Dorr's 7th Bombardment Group/Wing, 1918-1995) "Lt. Blair was in a five plane formation of B-24s that departed Pandaveswar to bomb targets at Moulmein, Burma. After leaving the target area, the formation was jumped by five to eight enemy fighters. On about the third of fourth pass, Lt. Blair's No. 2 engine caught fire. He pulled out to the left slightly and feathered the engine. The fire went out, and Blair made a diving left turn into the clouds. He was not seen afterwards."

Blair's Crew - B-24J 44-40588 493rd Bombardment Squadron
1st Lt. Donald E. Blair (P)
2nd Lt. Adrian P. Payne (CP)
2nd Lt. Paul R. Kuhns (N)
2nd Lt. Nicholas Stumpf (B)
S/Sgt. Everett F. Whitten (E)
PFC Leo E. Sorenson (RO)
Sgt. Arthur A. Martin (G)
S/Sgt. Benjamin J. Cassmer (G)
PFC Thomas Mclean (G)
PFC Marlin E. Kinter (G)

"Lt. Bodmer also was part of the five plane formation that departed Pandaveswar to bomb targets in the Moulmein, Burman area. After dropping their bombs and leaving the target area the formation was jumped by enemy fighters. Major Bradford was flying a rough formation in the #4 position, but none of his movements was violent. Sliding to the left and upward, his plane came uner Bodmer's, and his vertical stabilizer went into Bodmer's bombay doors and apparently Bodmer's No. 3 and No. 4 props cut the tail off, just behind the waist window, of Bradford's aircraft. Both planes spiraled down and hit the water about 200 yards apart and exploded."

Bodmer's Crew - B-24J 44-70414 493rd Bombardment Squadron
1st Lt. Arthur J. Bodmer (P)
1st Lt. Joseph W. Coffman, Jr. (CP)
1st Lt. Ernest R. Ford, Jr. (N)
2nd Lt. Fred H. Reed (B)
T/Sgt. Herbert P. Slesrick (E)
T/Sgt. Glenn S. Morton (RO)
Sgt. Carter P. Bedard (G)
Sgt. Clifford H. Grierson (G)
Sgt. Marvin L. Caffery (G)
S/Sgt. James J. Soptick (G)

Bradford's Crew - B-24J 44-40992 493rd Bombardment Squadron
Major Jack Bradford (P)
2nd Lt. John J. Mcinerney (CP)
2nd Lt. Robert P. Colgan (N)
2nd Lt. Ralph E. Hurd, Jr. (B)
2nd T/Sgt. Harry H. Harkins (E)
2nd T/Sgt. John B. Weigand (RO)
S/Sgt. Charles W. Meitzler (G)
S/Sgt. Andrew B. Aldridge (G)
Corp. George M. Johnson, Jr. (G)
S/Sgt. John C. Sweet (G)

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493rd BS Personnel

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