TSgt. Patrick G. O'Hare

Radio Operator/Gunner - Delahay Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 492nd Bombardment Squadron

57 Combat Missions

Distinguished Flying Cross w/OLC

(Images/Info Courtesy of James P. O'Hare, Son)

TSgt. Patrick G. O'Hare - Panagarh, India 1943

Front, L-R: TSgt. Patrick G. O'Hare (RO), Nathan L. Wall, E. Lewis
Back, L-R: SSgt. Charles E. "Shorty" Vickers, Harry N. Chenoweth

India, 1943
Crew with B-24 "The Captain and the Kids" in background

L-R: SSgt. Vickers, Sgt. Chenoweth, TSgt. O'Hare, Lt. William A. Delahay
1Lt. Francis T. Bonsteel, Jr., ? Lewis

While on his 50th mission, SSgt. Vickers perished along with TSgt. Gilford H. Moen and the Vaughn Crew of the "Boogie Woogie Bomb Buggy" on 26 October 1943. He was a dear friend of Sgt. O'Hare, and the loss was felt for the remainder of Sgt. O'Hare's life.

Sgt. O'Hare's Photo Collection from India
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Photos above, L-R:
Sgt. (John N.) Creslak & Indian bearer, Rest Camp - Khanspur, India
Sgt. Kreslak, Sgt. Charles E. Vickers, & Sgt. N.L. Wall - Murrie, India
Sgt. Wall, Rest Camp - Khanspur, India


Photos above, L-R:
Sgt. Wall & Sgt. W.C. Robert - Lahore, India
Sgt. H.C. Wall - Rest Camp - Khanspur, India
Sgt. Charles E. Vickers - Khanspur, India


Photos above, L-R:
Sgt. Creslak & Sgt. Vickers, Rest Camp - Khanspur, India
Group of Indian "johns"
Student Priest - Gaya India


Photos above, L-R:
Sgt. Creslak, Rest Camp - Khanspur, India
Sgt. Henry M. Chenoweth - Khanspur, India
Sgt. Wayne C. Walker, 9 Dec 43


Photos above:
Jain Temple - Calcutta, India & Typical bazaar scene


Photos above:
Tribal Territory sign
Monument - Calcutta, India

Press write-ups for Sgt. O'Hare


From The O'Hare family - (Dad) proudly served in the Army Air Corps during WWII. He was a radio operator-gunner in the China-Burma-India Theater. He flew 57 combat missions and was awarded 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses. There were many more.

"PGO" represented the best of his generation. He was not, by any standard, perfect, but the members of that group are quite few in number. In the world in which he lived he did the best he could, in his personal life, at work, and most importantly, providing for his family. We will not see his likes again.

Perhaps his legacy can be summed up by the final lines of a contemporary film "There are some who would say that he was a great man. There are some who would say he was less than that. But when you ask me, my answer is always the same 'Patrick G. O'Hare was my father.'"

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