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2nd Lt. Frank D. Padgett, Co-Pilot, 373rd Bomb Squad

Lt. Padgett, China Nov. 1944

Crew of "Bobcat" at Wendover Field, MA

BACK ROW (L-R): Sgt. William D. Stevens, Tail Gunner; S/Sgt Hugh C. Pope, Nose Gunner; Sgt. Stanley J. Brach, Radio Operator; Richard Berers [Replaced by Cpl. John Webster, not shown];
Sgt George Uhrine, Top Turret Gunner; and Sgt. William Gottschall, Engineer.

FRONT ROW (L-R): Lt. Harry W. Sherer, Bombardier, Lt. Robert W. Smith, Pilot;
Lt. Everett A. Clark, Navigator; Lt. Frank D. Padgett, Co-Pilot.

Crew of "Bobcat"

BACK ROW (L-R): Sgt. William Gottschall; Sgt. Stanley Brach; S/Sgt. Hugh Pope;
2nd Lt. Frank Padgett; Sanderson
FRONT ROW (L-R): Lt. Robert W. Smith, Unknown pilot; Medon; Sgt. George Uhrine

Letter dated 16-Feb-45 to Padgett family, informing them of Lt. Padgett's Missing In Action statue. He was given no chance of survival.

Telegram informing Padgett family of Lt. Padgett's good health
following his liberation from POW camp. (Click on photo to see full size.)

Frank D. Padgett, Associate Justice of the Hawaii Supreme Court
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