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Do You Know These Men?

I have in my possession, my late Grandfather's address book that he kept with him during the War. In it are listed many of the men he trained and flew with before and during his time in the CBI.

I list them in the hope that there are those out there who can lend some assistance as to the disposition of these men. There are quite a few, and I've exhausted every avenue of research on the internet that I'm aware of. I would like to place any information that I receive on a page on my tribute website.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Lt. John J. Apsega - Akron, OH (died 7 September 2001, buried in Arlington National Cemetery)

Lt. J.R. Archdeacon - 331st T.E.F.T.G - Salina, KS (died 5 December 2001)

William G. Barnard - Kalamazoo, Michigan

G.C. Beale - Amarillo, TX (died 12 October 1998)

H.O. Bowsman - Elgin, IL

G.O. Chase - San Francisco, CA

Clarence Coltey - Unknown

Lt. G.B. Cosgrove - Los Angeles, CA

Harold R. Crawford - Columbus, IN

Raymond S. Crawford - San Antonio, TX

Ralph A. Crowe - San Luis, AZ

Cecil Duckworth - Santa Ana, CA

Thomas C. Glover- Spokane, WA (88 years old, lives in WA - 5/1/12)

Tom J. Hardy - Logansport, IN (died 2 December 2003)

Richard C. Hawkins - Brownsville, TN (died 10 January 2010)

Lester Hibbs - Osborne, KS (died 13 January 1988)

Joe Hight - Sherman, TX

Lt. Walter H. Hopper, Canonsburg, PA (died 16 January 2008)

Paul H. Hosp, Jr. - Newark, NJ (died 15 December 1991)

Don Howland, Portland, ME (died 3 December 1998)

John J. Kerst - Winnsboro, LA

Ron Kessler - Selma, CA

Gene Koscinski (Bombardier) - Woodland Hills, CA (88 years old, lives in Calabasas, CA - 4/20/12)

C.J. McGowan - Brooklyn, NY

M.J. McMackin - St. Mary's, PA

William P. Melchionni - Maple Shade, NJ (died 11 November 2009)

Robert S. Mitchell - Greensburg, PA

Lt. W.F. Palmer - Centralia, WA

Bernard Piersa - Stockton, CA (90 years old, lives in Stockton, CA - 4/20/12)

John Pitts, Jr. - Fayetteville, TN (died 1 January 1971)

Vern Rieke - Cashmere, WA (died 9 May 2003)

Frederick Sweeney - Somersville, MA

Ellis Clark Zerba - Milton, OR (died 27 January 2011)

Also, have these names as signatures on "short snorter" bills:

Leo S. Behrens

"Bluebeard" Brindle

Joe A. Kingland, Jr.

John J. Klokis

Melvin Lees

George C. Link

Joseph M. Stertz

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