Cpl. James S. Puliti, ASN 42082467

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 493rd Bombardment Squadron

Gunner - Bell Crew

(Images/Info courtesy of James S. Puliti)

Ft. Dix, NJ - 2 Feb 44
Greensboro, NC - Basic Training US Army Air Corps
Tyndall Air Field - Aerial Gunnery Training
Westover Field - Orientation and Crew Assignment
Charleston, NC - Assigned to Air Crew on B-24 Liberator
Langley Field, VA - High Altitude Bombing Training
Hamilton Field, CA - Awaited assignment to South Pacific (did not occur)
Langley Field, VA - More training
Mitchell Field, Hempstead Long Island, NY - Processing for Overseas Deployment
Bangor Air Field, ME - Departed for Theater
Azores-Marrakesh-Tunis-Libya-Cairo-Persia-Karachi-Asonsol, India

Bell Crew

Front, L-R: SSgt. Sal Pomer (G), Peterson, Cpl. James Puliti (G), Sgt. Roger McClarty (RO), ?, Dailey

Back, L-R: Lt. Edgar Derr (CP), Lt. Paul Bell (P), Lt. Hoyle Adams (B), Lt. Yazak (N)

"Plain Cokes, of course!"

L-R: Puliti, Derr, McClarty, Charles Parker, Sal Pomer, Bell

Lt. Edgar M. Derr, Jr., Co-Pilot of Bell Crew

493rd BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel