2nd Lt. Gilbert A. "Gibby" Rauh, O-738787

Bombardier - McLauchlen Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 436th Bombardment Squadron

KIA 1 Dec 43     Rangoon, Burma

Air Medal   Purple Heart

(Info/Images Courtesy of Al Hoffman)

2Lt. Gilbert A. Rauh

L-R: SSgt. Saul Sacher, Sgt. David W. Hancock, Lt. John E. McLauchlen, Jr.
Sgt. Harold L. Seifreid, Lt. "Gibby" Rauh, 2Lt. John K. Norman in Egypt on their way to India.

B-24 #42-73196 left Panagarh Air Base on December 1, 1943. The targets were the Insein Railroad Yard & Locomotive Factory and the occupied enemy airfield at Rangoon, Burma. From 1st Lt. Emil A. Kremer, the following is the eyewitness account to the downing of Rauh's ship:

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   "On or about December 1, 1943 at 1225 hours, 1st Lieut. Emil A. Kremer was flying number 2 position 436th Bombardment Squadron (H) element.

   Our formation of three planes tacked on to the 9th Bombardment Squadron's formation. After turning from the bombing run Lt. McLauchlens left wing was hit by Anti-aircraft fire and started to smoke badly. He then dove sharply to the left and three enemy aircraft followed him down. He was last seen going into a cloud bank."

Below is the Missing Air Crews Report #1223:

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