TSgt. Adolph R. Scolavino, ASN 0-6145801

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 436th & 493rd Bombardment Squadrons

Gunner - Trout, Berkeley & Rote Crews

SSgt. Adolph Scolavino, May 2013

Scolavino, far right

From CBI Round-Up, November 12, 1943


EAST INDIA BASE - Sometimes dreams do come true, sometimes. At least, that's the way 10 lucky members of a Liberator formation here feel, for they've just been told that they're on their way back to Shangri-La. And they'll fly back in a plane which has won the respect and affection of everyone at the base, "Old 26," the Rangoon Rambler.

The deal came up because back home they want to show the bond-buying public a bomber with combat history and some real flesh-and-blood "heroes" during the next bond-selling drive. Soon "26," which has been on considerably over 50 bombing missions, was the plane selected, and a crew was formed for the trip with members chosen largely for their length of service and combat flying hours.

Those who will return are:

Capt. Raymond C. Rote, 23, of Phoenix, Ariz., who has 393 combat hours and wears the Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross;

Capt. Gordon H. Wilson, 26, of Whitesburg, Ky., with 320 combat hours and the Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross;

1st Lt. Robert P. Currie, 28, Big Springs, Tex., 437 combat hours and the Air Medal and DFC;

1st Lt. Guy H. Spotts, 24, Williamsport, Pa., 377 hours with Air Medal, DFC, with Oak Leaf Clusters for both, the Silver Star and the Purple Heart;

T/Sgt. Adolph Scolavino, 23, Providence, R.I., 377 hours, Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster and DFC;

T/Sgt. Ferdinand Knetchel, 22, Ellword City, Pa., DFC and Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, 407 hours;

S/Sgt. John E. Craigie, 26, West Haven, Conn., DFC and Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, 379 hours;

S/Sgt. Edward M. Salley, Houston, Tex., DFC and Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, 379 hours;

S/Sgt. Carl E. Paak, 21, Antigo, Wis., 386 hours, Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster and DFC;

and S/Sgt. Joseph E. Willis, 21, Augusta, Ark., Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster and DFC, 375 hours.

The average of the group is more than 378 combat hours, which shows that its members have not been idle since coming to the C.B.I. Theater and now deserve a rest. The plane, in addition to other sorties, has flown on two of the longest missions of the war in any Theater, 2,700 miles in two raids on Bangkok and more than 2,000 miles over water in two more raids on Car Nicobar Island.

Eric Sevareid, CBS News commentator, who was one of the parachute party rescued recently after their plane crashed in the jungles, also will be aboard when the plane takes off for the States.

(Image courtesy of FOLD3.COM)

Crew of the "Rangoon Rambler" with Gen. Stratemeyer

L-R: Capt. Raymond Rote (P), 1Lt. Guy Spottes, 2Lt. Robert Currie (B), TSgt. Adolph Scolavino (TT), Maj. General George E. Stratemeyer, SSgt. Edward Salley (WG), SSgt. John Craigie (RO), TSgt. Ferdinand Knechtel (E), SSgt. Joseph Willis (TG), Capt. Gordon Wilson (CP), SSgt. Carl Paak (RO)

From 436th Bomb Squadron Mission Summary: "Lt. William R. Berkeley's B-24D 41-23702 had mechanical trouble on its return from Rangoon. (Weather aborted the mission over the target.) The crew bailed out near Calcutta. All were rescued."

The photo below shows a framed parachute that was used by Sgt. Scolavino when he bailed out of the ship while on the above-mentioned mission.

Hand-painted Nose Art by TSgt. Scolavino

436th BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel