Cpl. Robert M. St. John, ASN 31254818

AAF Supply Technician (MOS 826)

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 436th Bombardment Squadron

Enlisted: 25 March 43

(Images Courtesy of Linda Nesbitt)

Corporal Robert St. John, March 1944

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Cpl. St. John - Assam, India July 1945

Men in photo: (In no particular order)
SSgt. John D. Lee - Virginia; TSgt. Sam Murphy - Detroit; Sgt. "Lucky" Fleish - Bridgeport, CT
Sgt. Dorman Cox - Lamesa, TX; Cpl. Lou Bosco - Bronx; MSgt. Pat Wadworth - Plummer, ID
Sgt. Harvey Gatewood - Lubbock, TX; Sgt. Steve Kloesel - Schulenburg, TX
Cpl. Harold Drake - Peoria, IL; Cpl. Robert St. John - Barre, VT
Ast. Arthur Brown - PA    Madhaiganj, India - 1945

Dorman Cox, Robert St. John, Michael Kowalczyk - Syracuse, NY
Madhaiganj, India - Province of Bengal - 1945

Men in photo: (In no particular order)
PFC Roy Jay - Bartlesville, OK; Cpl. Harold Drake - Peoria, IL; Corp. William Gentry - TN
SSgt. Hubert Hofacker - Dayton, OH; Cpl. Robert St. John; TSgt. Sam Murphy - MI
SSgt. Doug Thompson - Columbus, OH; PFC Flavio Terrazas - Chicago, IL
PFC Robert Jones - Louisville, KY

Class 44-B    B-25 Mechanic School
Mather Field, 2 February 44

Engineering Section, 436th Bomb Squadron
Madhaiganj, India

"Daily game of horseshoes in back of the barracks."

"Emile Anglisano, Tezgaon India 1944"

B-24 "Hilo Hattie"

"Calamity Jane", B-24M, #44-40219
14th AF, 308th BG, 374th BS

Sights From India

The Taj Mahal

Pareshnath Jain Temple, Calcutta

436 BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel