Sgt. Curtis F. Thames, ASN 14190668

Ball Turret Gunner - William Smith Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 436th Bombardment Squadron

Enlisted 31 March 43, Birmingham, AL

Basic Training - Biloxi, MS & Buffalo, NY

Classification - Nashville, TN   Gunnery Training - Ft. Myers, FL

Armament Training - Buckely Field, Denver, CO   Crew Assembled - Pueblo, CO 24 Combat Missions

Distinguished Flying Cross   Air Medal

(Info/Images Courtesy of Curtis Thames & Family, unless noted otherwise)

(Photo courtes of Philip Coulter/7th BGHF)

William R. "Gleek" Smith, Jr. & Crew - Pueblo, CO 1944

Back, L-R: 1Lt. Arden R Loyd (N), Lt. Marvin Gandelman (B)
William R. Smith Jr. (P), 2Lt. Robert A. MacDonough (CP)

Front, L-R: SSgt. Max E. Mauck (TG), Cpl. Arthur Kaufman (NG), Sgt. Curtis F. Thames (BT)
Sgt. Thomas P. Lentini (TT), Sgt. Harold B. Ligman (RO), SSgt. William N. Graff (E)

Lts. Loyd, Gandelman, MacDonough & Smith, Jr.

Crew walked out after being shot down.

Tiger hunt in Ansansol

436th BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel