Cpl. John E. Twomey, ASN 16186011

Radio Operator / Gunner - Lippitt Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 436th Bombardment Squadron

Enlisted 13 Dec 42

Distinguished Flying Cross

Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

(Images/Info Courtesy of John E. Twomey)

"Hot Rod Radio Operator", Cpl. John Twomey

Cpl. Twomey

Lippitt Crew

Back, L-R: Lt. Warren S. Lippitt(P), 1Lt. Ralph L. Gjefle (CP)
1Lt. Carl W. Matilla (N), Lt. Stuart Edwards (B)

Front, L-R: Cpl. Joseph A. Nedoh (E), Cpl. Twomey, Cpl. Donald May (TG)
Sgt. Albert F. Schutt (TT), Cpl. Marvin G. Johnson (NG)

Front: Cpl. Twomey

Kneeling: Nedoh, May, Willey, Johnson, Schutt

Standing: Lts. Edwards, Lippit, Mattila & Gjefle

Cpl. Twomey, left & SSgt. Darrell S. Willey (BT)

Cpl. Twomey, top right & Cpl. Nedoh, top center
Luliang, China

Cpl. Nedoh pushing props through prior to engine start.

A load of propoganda leaflets being dropped by Lippitt's crew over the jungle of Burma.

A leaflet that was dropped on one such occasion. It announced the death of President Roosevelt.

Propganda used to convince Japanese soldiers to surrender.

Mr. Twomey was a very successful, World-Class distance runner in his pre-War days.
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