Sgt. Lynn B. Barton, ASN 37702845

Radio Operator - Sheldon Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 9th Bombardment Squadron

Enlisted: 24 Jul 43    Killed, Non Battle - 11 Jul 45

Barton was the radio operator on B-24J #42-78686 assigned to the 10th Air Force, 7th Bombardment Group, 9th Bombardment Squadron. They were flying a load of fuel from Tezpur airbase in India to Hsinching airbase in Chengtu China. They encountered a bad thunderstorm upon arriving at their destination and while trying to land in the rain and fog crashed in the low hills northeast of Chengtu. All aboard were killed.

Hugh Sheldon Crew

Top Row, L-R: Pasquale Esposito (Bone) (B), Jim Bush (N)
Stephen Mackey (CP), Hugh Sheldon (P)

Bottom Row: Joe Lively (TG), Donald Spurling (E-G), Lynn Barton (RO-G), Stanley Milgarik (BT) Julies Tieter Martin (TT) Pete Johnson (NG)

Sgt. Barton's Memorial

9th BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel