1Lt. Grant W. Erwin Jr., ASN O-558862

Navigator - Graves Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 9th Bombardment Squadron

Enlisted, British Royal Air Force - 1941

Transferred, US Army Air Corps - 1943

31 Combat Missions - CBI

Prisoner Of War

Nominated for Silver Star Distinguished Flying Cross   Air Medal

Purple Heart

Biographic Information

On his 31st mission over Burma, Lt. Erwin was shot down and survived 18 months in Japanese prison camps, being liberated from the infamous Rangoon Jail in Insein, Burma in May, 1945. He returned to a family that had believed him dead. As a navigator for Northwest Airlines after the War, Erwin participated in the Korean airlift. He continued to fly for Northwest until 1957, when he became a mathematician for Boeing Computer Services.

(Image/Info Courtesy of Erwin Family)

Two different variations of the details leading to Erwin's Silver Star nomination:

Lt. Erwin's (unpublished) first-hand recollection of the mission
CAUTION: Contains graphic testimony as to what took place within the confines of Lt. Erwin's B-24.
(Courtesy of Erwin Family)

Published details leading to Erwin's nomination for the Silver Star
(Courtesy of Air Force Magazine - February 1996)

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