TSgt. Cecil Evans, Jr., ASN 14134521

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 9th Bombardment Squadron

Engineer - Allison Crew

Enlisted: 27 August 42

KIA    15 April 44

Silver Star    Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal

(All Images Courtesy of Dorothy Lamberth)

TSgt. Cecil Evans, Jr.

T/Sgt. Evans was the Flight Engineer on B-24J #42-100243. They were part of a formation of planes flying from Pandaveswar airbase to bomb Port Blair in the Andaman Islands when they came under attack by enemy fighters. The fighters' first pass knocked out one of the bomber's engines. The second pass knocked out another. Thereafter, the fighters concentrated on the crippled bomber. The plane rapidly lost altitude, crashed into the ocean and exploded. Three crew members were able to bail out, but only the Navigator (2Lt. Charles Kaufman) survived to become a Prisoner Of War.

Letters to TSgt. Evans' family following the downing of the crew: (Click on images to enlarge.)

From the family of Co-pilot, 2Lt. Melburn A. Duby

From the family of Pilot, 1Lt. Stanley M. Allison

From a letter written to the family of TSgt. Evans from survivor, Lt. Charles Kaufman:

  "We were attacked by Japanese fighter planes and our plane was injured enough so that the only recourse we had was to jump out with our parachutes. The pilot realized this and ordered the crew to jump. However, not enough of us could overcome the natural reluctance to jump out in enemy territory. I did jump, but by the time the rest of the crew could bring themselves to it, the ship crashed and burned, killing those aboard.
  There was at least one other fellow who jumped, but he also died. It wasn't Cecil. Please don't feel badly that Cecil didn't jump, because even if had, the chance of survival was a very slim one.
  I was captured the next day by the Japs and was a prisoner till August 29, 1945. In that period I lost over 55 pounds and almost died many times.
  I had flown many missions with Cecil and we all like him as a fellow crew member because we had confidence in him. Many times his skill and knowledge of the plane brought us home safely. he did enough in the war to be called a real hero."

Below is the Missing Air Crews Report #4119:

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