2Lt. James C. Froula

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 9th & 493rd Bombardment Squadrons

Bombardier - Goodrich Crew

Enlisted: 12 Dec 42

(Image Courtesy of Froula Family)

Goodrich Crew - Pueblo, CO 1944

Back, L-R: Ralph Chaplin (N), Vernon Drake (CP)
Ralph Goodrich (P), James Froula (B)

Front, L-R: Harry Kardel (NG), Paul Stinson (E), Barry Walsh (TT)
James Barry (TG), James Coogan (RO), Albert Mandula (BT)

(Image Courtesy of Angelo Kardel Family)

Goodrich Crew

Left to Right:

Sgt. Paul M. Stinson (E), Sgt. John Barry (TG), Sgt. Bernard C. Walsh (G), Lt. Ralph C. Chaplain (N)
Lt. Vernon L. Drake (CP), 2Lt. Ralph L. Goodrich (P), 2Lt. James C. Froula (B)
Sgt. James Cogan (RO), Sgt. Albert C. Mandula (BT), Sgt. Harry V. Kardel (NG)

(Image Courtesy of Angelo Kardel Family)

"Lassie, I'm Home" - The Goodrich Crew's B-24.
(Nose Art painted by Vernon Drake)

493rd BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel