TSgt. Alfonso G. Graciano, ASN 18105288

Asst. Engineer - Gunner - Otto Hamsik Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 492nd Bombardment Squadron

Enlisted: 13 May 42

Arrived in Theater: 26 March 43

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal

(Info/Images Courtesy of Graciano Family)

Hamsik Crew
Sgt. Graciano, Back row - center

Hamsik's Enlisted Crew

Sgt. Graciano - Back, far left

Sgt. Graciano, right

Sgt. Graciano, Hospitalized with malaria

Sgt. Graciano bartering with an Indian local

Sgt. Graciano's Photo Collection

TSgt. George V. Sisson (RO), unknown

Lt. Sidney Miller (N), F/O Ware (B)

1Lt. Joseph M. Hinson (CP), 1Lt. Otto J. Hamsik (P)

F/O Ware, Lt. Miller, Lt. Hamsik, Lt. Hinson

Ware, Hinson, Hamsik, Miller

1Lt. Otto Hamsik, Pilot

TSgt. Graciano's Find-A-Grave.com Memorial

492nd BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel