1Lt. Otto J. Hamsik, ASN O-670533

B-24 Pilot

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 492nd Bombardment Squadron

Enlisted: 24 Mar 42

Arrived in Theater: 26 March 43    Returned to USA: 17 Aug 44

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal

(Info/Images Courtesy of Alfonso Graciano Family)

1Lt. Otto Hamsik, Pilot

Hamsik Crew
Back row, L-R: Hamsik, TSgt. Alfonso G. Graciano (A-G), ? (G)
3rd row, L-R: ? (Asst. RO), ? (E), ? (Asst. Engineer)
2nd row, L-R: 1Lt. Sidney Miller (N), F/O Ware (B)
1st row, L-R: TSgt. George V. Sisson (RO), 1Lt. Joseph M. Hinson (CP)

1Lt. Joseph M. Hinson (CP), 1Lt. Otto J. Hamsik (P)

F/O Ware, Lt. Sidney Miller (N), Lt. Hamsik, Lt. Hinson

Ware, Hinson, Hamsik, Miller

Enlisted Crew

Engineer & Assistant Engineer

Lt. Hamsik's Find-A-Grave.com Memorial

492nd BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel