Staff Sgt. Walter D. Helaas, ASN 6581523

Aerial Gunner/Gunsight & Turret Mechanic - Keiser Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 9th Bombardment Squadron

US Army Air Corps, 20-July-40 to 20-July-45

(All Images Courtesy of Susan Hickok)

Sgt. Walter D. Helaas

Sgt. Helaas after a bout with Malaria.


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Lt. Richard Young, Charles Rose & Helaas
436th Bomb Squadron, Tezgaon Dacca (now Bangladesh)

Memoirs of Walter Helaas -

"When I was 17 or so and I joined the National Guards in Bellingham and was in Company K of the 161st Infantry. I sure learned that if I went in the regular Army and did not want to do all that marching or walking. Other branches moved around in trucks. In September I went to the Bellingham Recruiting office of the US Army and luck was with me. The Sergeant asked, “How would you like the Army Air Corps?” I happily said that I would like that."    To read more, click HERE

Sgt. Helaas' Memorial


7th BG Personnel