Technical Sgt. Paul E. Humphries, ASN 37397852

Waist Gunner - Higdon Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 9th Bombardment Squadron

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal w/2 OLC    Purple Heart

46 Combat Missions

TSgt. Paul E. Humphries

(Info/Images Courtesy of Lisa Humphries Sakabu)

Lt. Dennis W. Higdon & Crew

Back Row, L-R: Unk., RD Stout (G), Doug Tidrow (E), Paul Humphries (G)

Front, L-R: AG Barnard, (B), Unk., Dennis Higdon (P), DE Taylor (CP)

Higdon's Crew of "Hot To Go":

Dennis W. Higdon (P)    Lt. D.E. Taylor (CP)    Lt. A.G. Barnard (B)    

SSgt. Douglas Tidrow (E)    Sgt. Dick Leahy (TG)    Sgt. Joe Howard (BT)    Sgt. R.D. Stout (TT)

Sgt. Frank Christian (NG)

Camp Crowder, Missouri - Spring 1943
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              "Just got out of bed!. What a sluff!"                                                               Lancelotti & Sgt. Humphries -
                                                                                                                                      "Notice that shoe shine!"

"Vogtman, Gruber, Richardson, Lancelotti, Humphries, Wallace - just before inspection"

Sgt. Humphries (Standing, 2nd from right) and buddies

Boise, ID - February 1944

Sgt. Humphries

Saylor Creek Aerial Gunnery Range



7th BG Personnel