2Lt. Morris P. Maag, ASN O-742495

Co Pilot - Elliott Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 9th Bombardment Squadron

KIA 1-Dec-43

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal

(Images Courtesy of Find-A-Grave.com)

(Images Courtesy of Brett Sorenson)

(Images Courtesy of Brett Sorenson)

2Lt. George T. Elliott & Crew - (in alphabetical order)

SSgt. John D. Bender (G), SSgt. Verl E. Coddington (G), 2Lt. Roy E. Emery (B)
SSgt. James W. Forrest (G), SSgt. Talbot C. Glance [seated, third from right] (G)
2Lt. Howard Hansen (N), TSgt. Albert C. Johnson (E)
2Lt. Morris P. Maag [back, second from right] (CP) , TSgt. Roland E. Soderstrom (RO)

2Lt. Maag was the Co-pilot on B-24J #42-73183, assigned to the 10th Air Force, 7th Bombardment Group, 9th Bombardment Squadron. Took off from Pandaveswar Airfield in India on bombing mission against Insein near Rangoon in Burma. Fierce enemy opposition from anti-aircraft fire and fighter planes was encountered. Shot down by enemy fighters over the target, this B-24 burst into flames from the bomb bay to the waist windows and dove out of control away from formation. The entire crew was killed in the crash.

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