Tech Sgt. Walter I. Sorrentino, ASN 12121646

Engineer / Gunner - Hatten Crew

10th Air Force / 7th Bombardment Group / 9th Bombardment Squadron

Distinguished Flying Cross    Air Medal

TSgt. Walter I. Sorrentino

(Info/Images Courtesy of Julie Evans, Grand-niece)

Crew was formed in 1944 at Biggs Field, El Paso TX.
Front: Herndon Scearce (BT)
2nd Row, L-R: James Shaw (RO), Elmer Thiessen (TG), Don Gratton (TT)
Walter Sorrentino (E), Benjamin Estes (NG)
Back, L-R: Richard S. Hodges (B), Herbert J. Brewer (N), Phocien Hatten (P), Charles Wiley (CP)

The crew was sent to Theater as "Crew 18", per S.O. No. 134, 13-May-44.

35 years after the War, the crew gathered for a reunion. Striking a pose similar to that shown above, all are present but Charles Wiley who was lost on a mission over Rangoon, Burma in March 1945.

Hatten Crew - Left to Right:
Standing: SSgt. Benjamin "Bud" Estes (AG), 2Lt. Phocian "Pops" Hatten (P),
1Lt. Richard "Dick" Hodges, 2Lt. Herbert Brewer
Front: SSgt. Elmer Thiessen (AG), SSgt. Herndon Scearce (G)
Sgt. James Shaw, Sgt. Walter Sorrentino (E)

Shaw, Hodges, (obscured), Hatten, Estes, Brewer, Sorrentino

Tech Sgt. Sorrentino's Memorial

9th BS Personnel

7th BG Personnel